Anime Central is this weekend! This will be my first time attending, and I am super excited. In preparation, I decided to exclusively watch anime the month and a half prior. Here is a list of all the shows I watched and a super-brief impression on each. Longer discussions about each will come out when I get around to it.

Aldnoah.Zero –> well-done until the second season

Kill la Kill –> obnoxious homage to anime of yore

Psycho Pass –> cerebral and subversive in small ways

The Devil is a Part-Timer –> well made and funny, please watch it

Death Parade –> episodic and macabre, also worth a watch

Tokyo Ghoul (unfinished)–> substitute “hyper violent vampire” for “ghoul”

Shows from this anime season that I am currently watching::

The Heroic Legend of Arslan –> Hiromu Arakawa is attached and that is enough for me

My Love Story! –> I have not squee’d this much since ever

Blood Blockade Battlefront –> a romp and a good time with a vague NYC feel