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Shareable Curiosities | May 2018

How has your May been? As I write this, I am sticky and damp because it’s so hot in my bedroom. When I finish writing this, I will take a cold shower and hopefully get to a point where I start to shiver. (I won’t be shivering for long. It’s unusually hot this time of year).

But enough about me. What sorts of interesting stuff crossed my path this month? Well. . . .

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TV Newsy Bits | 19 May 2019

I feel a lot has happened this week in television. Or maybe there’s just a lot going on with the television I keep up with. Whatever, let’s talk about it:

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E. vs Kingsman The Secret Service: Comparing Two Spy Movies from 2015

You know how Hollywood sometimes releases two films of very similar premises in the same year? There were those romantic comedies Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached in 2011. Then there was The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Kingsman The Secret Service in 2015. I think there was a year between those where two studios released a version of Cinderella somewhere in there. In any case, this happens sometimes.

Out of pure coincidence, I picked up the two 2015 spy films from the library. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. follows two spies, one American and one Russian, as they team up to hunt down a nuclear bomb built by Italian Nazis. Kingsman The Secret Service follows a young man during his initiation into the superspy organization called Kingsman, which is disguised as a tailor shop in London.

While both movies share a genre, they each have completely different stories to tell. Here’s how they stack up against each other.

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Let’s Talk Avengers: Infinity War

**Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War below the cut**

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Shareable Curiosities April 2018

Welcome to Shareable Curiosities, April 2018 edition. Some pretty cool things passed through my radar this month. Click below the cut to read all about them.

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Shareable Curiosities: March 2018

I’ve always enjoyed when bloggers make posts of links they found interesting on the internet. After all, isn’t the distribution of information the point of the internet? These links brought me to places I wouldn’t have otherwise found on my own.

How metropolitan these bloggers are, I thought, that they check out all these different publications and share the best of the best!

The links displayed here, at least for the time being, are all found by me by way of my internet habits: Tumblr, email newsletters, crazy memes shared on The Squad’s groupchat, you name it. My theme is “The world is a curious place, might as well share it.”

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REVIEW: Annihilation

If I could describe this movie in four words, it would be deliberate, curious, quiet, and cancerous.

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REVIEW: Altered Carbon

Cyberpunk and noir go together like science fiction and western — one genre can exist without the other, but they are stronger when they team up. Sadly, the list of cyberpunk visual entertainment is minimal: Ghost in the Shell (that entire franchise), Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049 and The Matrix trilogy are the only ones that come to mind. Altered Carbon is the latest addition to the list.

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Top 5 Movies of 2017

I’ve discussed my top five books and television shows, which means it’s time to dive into my top five movies from 2017. Here are the ones I saw in theaters in alphabetical order.

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Top 5 Television Shows of 2017

My 2017 Year in Review listed the top books, movies and television programs watched in 2017 with longer write ups of those lists being published … well, now. Here are the top television programs I watched last year, complete with a couple honorable mentions.

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Top 5 Books Read in 2017

Back in January, I posted a 2017 year in review with the intention to post longer write-ups about my Top 5 lists. Almost two months later, I finally have a moment to sit and write these out. Here are my top 5 books read in 2017, followed by 3 honorable mentions and a handful of books I didn’t like just for fun.

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2017 Year in Review

For me, 2017 was a year of readjustment. I adjusted to life in the United States (having spent all of 2016 in New Zealand), life in a new city, and life in a new job. New friends, new co-workers, new habits, new lifestyle.

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Hope and a Prayer Chicken Curry

When I was maybe third or fourth grade, I asked my mom to make chicken curry. My request was inspired by an episode of Sailor Moon when Chibi-usa (Rini in the dub) makes chicken curry for a family day at school. Despite knowing who her mother is and finding a loving home with Usagi’s (Serena’s) parents, Chibi-usa doesn’t invite any parental figures to the family day and goes about the whole process alone. It’s a lonely episode with an uplifting ending, but it inspired me to try chicken curry.

My mom did make it, but I wasn’t a fan because it was unexpectedly spicy. I don’t remember the specifics of that dinner, just feeling disappointed that the meal wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.

Fifteen years later, I’m making it in my kitchen from scratch with a rag tag arsenal of ingredients that will hopefully work well together. Curry as an adult? Delicious.

Since becoming an adult with a kitchen of my own, I taught myself cooking by reading recipes, trial-and-error experiments, and calling my mom. Despite my refusal to include onions or salt (the biggest flavor boosters), I like to think I’m a good cook, if only for those times I throw a bunch of random ingredients together with nothing but a hope and a prayer that it will work out.

This is one of those recipes.

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(The Potted Lid) MECHA MARATHON SURPLUS: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

One year after the Bloody Valentine tragedy, where a nuclear missile destroyed a civilian colony, a covert ZAFT special forces team infiltrates a colony of the neutral nation of Orb and steals four of the five top secret weapons called Gundams. The fifth is piloted by Kira Yamato, a student-cum-soldier who escapes on the United Earth Alliance’s warship Archangel with his friends and a small pod of civilians. Understaffed, under-supplied, and unprepared, Archangel must somehow get to UEA headquarters on Earth before they are destroyed by the ZAFT team pursuing them. But Kira is reluctant to fight, especially when his best friend Athrun Zala is one of his pursuers.

I posted this last month on The Potted Lid and forgot to link to it here. Read the full write up by clicking this elegant and finely-crafted link. Be sure to subscribe to The Potted Lid for more essays on pop culture.

#RetroRecaps: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross – “Drop Out”/”Goodbye Girl”

Episodes 23 & 24: Macross welcomes the Zentradi defectors. Then Captain Hayase heads to Earth to persuade High Command to end the war.

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#RetroRecaps: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross – “Micro-Cosmos”/”Love Concert”

Episodes 21 & 22: The kung-fu movie starring Lynn Minmay is finally premiered! Then, Minmay’s concert is interrupted by a Zentradi attack.

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#RetroRecaps: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross – “Burst Point”/”Paradise Lost”

Episodes 19 & 20: Kamujin is at it again with another attack on the Macross! Then, the Macross is ordered to return to space with the civilians still on board.

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#RetroRecaps: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross – “Phantasm”/”Pineapple Salad”

Episodes 17 and 18: Injured and comatose, Lt. Hikaru Ichijo re-imagines the story thus far as a really long dream. Then, Major Roy Focker becomes a prominent character for one final episode.

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#RetroRecaps: Super Dimension Fortress Macross – “Chinatown”/”Kung-fu Dandy”

Episodes 15 and 16: Hikaru and Minmay visit Minmay’s parents in Yokohama. Then, Kamujin attacks the Macross . . . again.

*NOTE* Retro Recaps are going to be inconsistent from here on out because Life Things are still and will continue to take up most of my energy. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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#RetroRecaps: Super Dimensional Fortress Macross – “Blue Wind”/”Global Report”

Episodes 13 & 14: Captain Global breaks free of the Zentradi blockade with the intention of informing High Military Command information about the Zentradi forces.

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