Adorable Mascots of SG-1

Of all the shows from the 1990s I could have watched for an episode recap project, I chose the one that lacks the token adorable mascot. So I am finding one for every episode of Stargate SG-1. Here is the collective list updated every half-season (or so).

Season 1:

Children of the Gods: none
The Enemy Within: none
Emancipation: Teal’c’s perfectly plucked eyebrows
The Boca Divide: a needle of sweet, sweet sedatives
The First Commandment: the boy Carter rescued
Cold Lazarus: Teal’c’s introduction to 80’s screamo
The Nox: Nafrayu
Brief Candle: Kynthia’s marriage cake
Thor’s Hammer: telepathic thunder
The Torment of Tantalus: Teal’s reaction to getting hugged by a naked old man
Bloodlines: tattoo’d foreheads
Fire and Water: Teal’c in a fedora
Hathor: comatose Jackson working through his refractory period
Singularity: Cassandra’s new dog
Cor-ai: topless painted Teal’c
Enigma: Schrodinger the Cat, the chillest cat to ever cat
Solitudes:  O’Neill’s sidearm, which isn’t an erection I swear
Tin Man: Harlan
There but for the Grace of God: the show’s writers catering to the O’Neill/Carter ship
Politics: Captain Carter because she’s my faves
Within the Serpent’s Grasp: Zat’nik’tel guns, because they don’t really look like guns but they’re deadly as hell

Season 2:

The Serpent’s Lair: Bra’tac’s two students. They don’t have lines or names, but their background presence is appreciated
In the Line of Duty: Cassandra
Prisoners: Jackson, the weakest member of the team who become the strongest person in the prison
The Gamekeeper: Teal’c with hair
Need: O’Neill and Jackson hugging it out in a supply closet
Thor’s Chariot: Gairwyn who had a pretty drastic test of faith
Message in a Bottle: Teal’c cracking a joke with a straight face
Family: the Teal’c-Drey’ak-Ry’ak family which is in need of a family name
Secrets: Kasuf, Shau’re’s father, who has a tiny family once again
Bane: Allie
The Tok’ra Parts 1 and 2: Saroosh, former host of Selmak and everyone’s new grandma
Spirits: Tunane, super chill and super wise
Touchstone: attack squad hand signals
The Fifth Race: the giant battery O’Neill builds. What does it do? Good question.
A Matter of Time: SG-10, in honor of their brave service in the pursuit of science and exploration
Holiday: the bromance of Teal’c and O’Neill
Serpent’s Song: Apophos’s host. Poor guy.
One False Step: this little guy. I call him Tupac. If he has another name, I don’t remember the episode saying such.
Show and Tell: Charlie because he looks like Van Diesel as a child
1969: Lieutenant George Hammond who, I gotta say, was a real looker in his younger days
Out of Mind: that tiny ship-able moment between Carter and Hathor

Season 3:

Into the Fire: Reilly. May she live to fight another day.
Seth: the Jaffa joke about the Setesh guards
Fair Game: Teal’c refusing to give up his spear like he suddenly turned into a toddler
Legacy: schizophrenic Dr. Fraser who can still science
Learning Curve: Sam’s self-portrait
Point of View: the two Carters geeking out over science. It wasn’t enough to satiate me, and it shouldn’t have been enough to satiate you!
Deadman Switch: Jackson’s fluctuating bounty price and his general discomfort about it
Demons: O’Neill yelling at Teal’c’s stomach. I know it’s to Junior, but Teal’c in a constant state of mpreg will never be without its moments
Rules of Engagement: O’Neill’s infamous Tuna Torture
Forever in a Day: Shau’re. In memorandum.
Past and Present: Orner’s crush on Kira even though he’s obviously supposed to be with Mayris
Jolinar’s Memories/The Devil You Know: that moment O’Neill says he’s going to pass out again and then he does
Foothold: Teal’c in medical restraints. Made me think of a cat who dislikes being in its carrier and may indeed murder you when it gets out.
Pretense: Schrodinger the Cat (again) who is remarkably docile for a cat put in an unfamiliar environment
Urgo: SG-1’s dessert feast
A Hundred Days: Laira’s son learning the word “cool” and what it means from O’Neill
Shades of Grey: Jackson revealing that he drew the short straw to check on O’Neill
New Ground: the interrogation montage. Those are always fun no matter the squabbles
Maternal Instinct: Harcesis who is really a cute baby for being the Ultimate Magical Child of Stargate SG-1
Crystal Skull: O’Neill getting up from the hospital bed, flopping on the ground, and Teal’c helping him to flop back on the hospital bed
Nemesis: brooding Jackson in the command center of Stargate Command. Your friends are totally alive, man. Search past narratives, you know this to be true.