Ladies In Space: A Bunch of Space Opera Books Written by Non-Men* (Part 1)

Featured Illustration Credit: Dave Malan

Since I started documenting what I was reading, I learned that my literary jam is non-men writing space opera. Here is part 1 of ??? of all the space opera books written by non-men that I've read.

Notable Books I’ve Read in 2018

According to my notebook, I've read about 40 books in 2018, not including the ones I started and dropped. Here are some of my favorites from the year.

Top 5 Books Read in 2017

Back in January, I posted a 2017 year in review with the intention to post longer write-ups about my Top 5 lists. Almost two months later, I finally have a moment to sit and write these out. Here are my top 5 books read in 2017, followed by 3 honorable mentions and a handful of books I didn't like just for fun.

“Written Off” is a Lot Less Meta than I Expected in a Bad Way

What I got was Written Off, a cute mystery novel by E. J. Copperman. The premise was out there but still fun: a mystery writer gets a call to consult on a missing persons case by her own fictional character. Attention-grabbing premise, don't you agree? And it's a mystery, which is out of my normal wheelhouse. Then again, Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein is also out of my wheelhouse but it is still my favorite book of all time. And so I gave it a go.

My Goodreads Didn’t Read Shelf (Part 1)

One of my high school friends admitted to always finishing everything she reads, even if she hated it. I don't agree with this reading philosophy. Life is too short to read a book you don't like.

Movie-Goers and Readers Stranded by Science and Sarcasm

Every once in a while, there is a story, piece of entertainment, what have you, that captures the attention of everyone except me. This piece of entertainment will be aligned with everything I enjoy in a story, but the premise is something I side-eye. And then I consume said piece of entertainment and BOOM. My… Continue reading Movie-Goers and Readers Stranded by Science and Sarcasm

Spotlight: Hiromu Arakawa

The first time someone described the plot of Fullmetal Alchemist to me, I was skeptical that I would enjoy it. A couple months later, I finally saw an episode on Cartoon Network's Toonami block and fell in love. This was my first introduction to the works of Hiromu Arakawa, manga artist extraordinaire and a hard-working… Continue reading Spotlight: Hiromu Arakawa

Recommendation: Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Synopsis: Seraphina, the court composer's assistant, has a secret, but it is hard to keep a secret of this caliber when you are solving a mystery with the prince and princess of Goredd. On top of that, the leader of the dragons is coming to celebrate forty years of peace between Gerodd and the dragons,… Continue reading Recommendation: Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Spotlight: Laini Taylor

Honestly, I cannot remember the first time I heard of Laini Taylor; I only know that¬†Daughter of Smoke and Bone¬†was the first book of hers that I read. I loved it. The prose was woven with metaphor and the resulting tapestry was like candy to my eyes. It lessened the blow of a chapters-long flashback… Continue reading Spotlight: Laini Taylor