Episodes 23 & 24: Macross welcomes the Zentradi defectors. Then Captain Hayase heads to Earth to persuade High Command to end the war.

“Drop Out”: During the battle on the Macross, Kamujin threatens his men but they run away to defect to Protoculture. Hikaru catches Minmay and Kaifun kissing alone in a destroyed amphitheater but misses Minmay pushing off Kaifun. In his anger, he destroys a lot of enemies. Britai orders his men to retreat after getting word of the defectors. Hikaru is called to give testimony at a hearing where the defectors (represented by the Blue Wind boys) are requesting asylum. It is granted after a medical report states they are as human as the rest of us. Afterward, Hikaru and Hayase wander the streets and comment on the destruction which somehow missed the Lynn restaurant. Kaifun’s parents leave to visit Kaifun and Minmay at the hospital while Hikaru and Hayase watch the restaurant in the meantime. They clean up and have tea and talk about war and peace and how Hikaru has yet to confess his feelings for Minmay. (Get over her, dude.) Then there is another attack which Hikaru’s Skull Squadron quickly defeats. Her theories proven with a discussion with the Zentradi defectors, Hayase requests a shuttle to High Command on Earth where she will attempt to ask for help. Captain (Admiral? Colonel?) Global grants it.

A lot happens in this episode. For starters, Hikaru and Hayase are getting more familiar with each other. They have a decent conversation that didn’t involve mortal peril. And there’s hints that Hayase is starting to develop feelings for Hikaru.

There are now 23 or so Zentradi soldiers that will make their new home on the Macross. But how did Milia fair in the battle? The narrative seems to forget about her and only insert her when it’s convenient, which annoys me. I want to know how her story arc does (or does not) intersect with the main one. How does Protoculture affect her? Does she get warm and fuzzy inside when Minmay sings? This is important to know.

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Group hug!

“Goodbye Girl”: Captain Hayase leaves for Earth with Max and his team as escorts. Before leaving, she calls Hikaru to say good-bye. But her shuttle is attacked and Hikaru is sent in the Booby Duck to help fend it off. Hikaru escorts the shuttle the rest of the way. Hayase and Hikaru say one final good-bye before departing. On the Macross, Hikaru is brooding at a restaurant when Max takes him to have fun at an arcade. While Hikaru and Max play a shooter game on one level, Milia is on another level amassing a crowd with her skills. Max challenges her and they have an intense battle. Milia recognizes Max’s fighting style as the ace pilot that defeated her. Max defeats her again and asks her name and to meet him at a park the next day for a date. She agrees but doesn’t look too pleased by it. On Earth, Hayase meets with her father, an Admiral in UN High Command, and gives her report about the Zentradi defectors and their biological make up. He passes on the report to the rest of High Command. Admiral Hayase tells his daughter that peace negotiations will begin, however, High Command wants to show off their Grand Cannon first. An action Misa is vocally against. Minmay and Kaifun have a press conference in the wake of Kaifun’s recovery. Reporters ask if they will be getting married. While Minmay denies it, Kaifun says he would not be opposed to it. (Briefly, the Zentradi defectors ask what marriage is to the Blue Wind boys who say you get to do more than just kissing when married and the defectors lose their shit.) Hikaru is brooding on a park bench now. Claudia approaches him and says that he has someone else that is NOT Minmay whom he totally has feelings for but doesn’t realize it yet.

This episode’s alternate title is “Brooding” and it’s all about Hikaru.

Milia’s arc is finally getting more than a passing mention. I thought she would have encountered someone else before Max but this speeds up the story nicely. Also, the focus is redirected so it’s not entirely about Hikaru and how every lady wants to bone him, which is a nice touch. I have less faith in modern shows which skew towards Gary Stus.

For Minmay, this is twice now that she’s hesitant to call a close male friend anything other than “friend” and it makes me wonder about her sexuality. Unfortunately, I doubt the narrative will explore anything other than heterosexuality. Wah wah. But it’s nice to think about Minmay being a secret queer in a show from the early 1980s.

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Date night!