Episodes 21 & 22: The kung-fu movie starring Lynn Minmay is finally premiered! Then, Minmay’s concert is interrupted by a Zentradi attack.

“Micro-Cosmos”: At a release party before the big premiere day for Shao Pai Long, Lynn Minmay thinks about her life and what she wants. She asks her (drunk) manager to reserve a VIP seat for Hikaru and he gets it done. She calls Hikaru at the military barracks and leaves a message with the receptionist. When Hikaru returns from a mission, the receptionist delivers half the message (that he got a call from “Nyan-Nyan”) but Hikaru rushes outside before he hears the rest. Hikaru attempts to call Minmay through a public phone but Minmay isn’t around to answer. She returns to her room immediately after the phone stops ringing. The next day at the premiere, Hikaru watches from the standing room section. The Zentradi forces intercept the movie’s broadcast signal and the Blue Wind boys brag about being friends with Minmay and doing cultural stuff that makes you warm and fuzzy (kissing. They’re bragging about kissing Minmay knowing full well no one can disprove them). Admiral Britai is shocked by the powers of miclones as represented by Kaifun. When Kaifun and Minmay kiss on-screen, Hikaru leaves the theater, upset. He trips and accidentally gropes the butt of Captain Hayase. They leave for privacy but then the transformation warning sounds. Hikaru and Hayase get trapped in a snug little corner and talk about why they left the movie at around the same time. The ship reverts back to normal and Hikaru and Hayase grab a cola.

Not mentioned in my synopsis, we do we Milia! She comes across the queue for the movie Shao Pai Long and, of course, watches it. She wonders if Kaifun is the one who bested her in battle. I am relieved to note that the narration does not return to her when Minmay and Kaifun kiss. Instead, it jumps to the Blue Wind boys who brag about unproveable conquests that did not happen. #likeyoudo

It’s obvious at this point that Hikaru and Hayase are going to get together. Let’s list the things we’ve seen so far: they were captured together, they constantly fight, they’ve already kissed, and now Hikaru groped Hayase. That right there is the clincher. (I’m not happy about it either, but I’ve seen enough anime to just accept what cannot be easily changed. Le sigh.)

This is the second episode that focused on the daily life of the characters. The plot has right and gone at this point. Where’d you go plot? I miss you!

21 1
This mischievous face caught my attention for SOME UNNAMEABLE REASON.

“Love Concert”: Admiral Botolbozz of the Zentradi forces watches footage of Shao Pai Long and Kamujin’s last attack on the Macross on Earth. He orders Britai to capture a miclone for thorough study. The Protoculture of the miclones has adverse effects on their soldiers and they must be destroyed! (I sense the hints of a dystopia). Britai’s assistant comes up with a plan to lure the Macross into a Daedalus Attack which can open up a channel for Zentradi soldiers to infiltrate the Macross. Meanwhile, in the lower ranks, Blue Wind and their audience convince a fair amount of soldiers to surrender and defect to the Macross so they can hear more songs. On the Macross, Minmay is performing a concert when the Zentradi attack. Despite the sirens, Kaifun encourages Minmay to continue singing because they’ve above military operations. A couple Zentradi pods come across the concert and realize what they’re doing is bad. Hikaru, who had been fighting outside the ship, retreats to the innards because he is determined to protect Minmay.

If you haven’t already noticed by now, Kaifun is silly. Because continuing a concert in the heat of battle is totally in favor of your personal safety. He’s attempting to martyr his cousin for his own causes, which I cannot agree with. For one thing, Minmay’s opening number is called “My Boyfriend is a Pilot” and she’s super friendly with a military officer (Hikaru). I don’t think she shares his same ideals, and it is not his place to force them on her. Additionally, did you see that creepy face he was giving her while she was performing her concert? Creep factor increased like ten points right there.

We finally rejoined the semblance of a plot! Rejoice, for now things will be delightfully awkward yet again! I love it when it’s delightfully awkward.

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