Episodes 19 & 20: Kamujin is at it again with another attack on the Macross! Then, the Macross is ordered to return to space with the civilians still on board.

“Burst Point”: In the aftermath of Focker’s death, Claudia spends a lot of time eating cake at a cafe. Minmay collapses from overworking. Captain Global purposefully flies the Macross at low altitudes over populated areas to anger the UN Council. They exchange angry messages but Global doesn’t use secure channels hoping another nation would offer a place for the refugees. The North American Ontario Autonomous Region offers to take them in! Captain Kamujin of the Zentradi decides to attack Macross yet again, but Admiral Lap’Lamiz’s ace pilot Milia decides to become a miclone to meet the ace pilot of the Macross. As Kamujin attacks, Ichijo takes up the Skull Leader mantel in honor of Major Focker with Max and Kakizaki as his wingmen. The modified shielding system of the Macross now enables coverage of the entire ship BUT the system is unstable and midway through the battle it explodes. Kakizaki is caught in the explosion along with Kamujin’s forces and approximately 50 kilometers of the ground. While Macross and all its inhabitants are safe, the North American Ontario Autonomous Region will no longer accept the refugees as a result. In the end, Minmay calls Hikaru from her hospital bed and asks him to visit but Hikaru doesn’t have the emotional energy to deal with her.

Alas, we get the beginning of the end for Minmay and Hikaru! He’s finally ready to let go and I suspect Minmay will start coming at him full-force, especially now that her schedule will likely open up for her health. Will this couple break up already?

Kaifun got to say some choice words regarding fighting, even though Macross has only defended itself against the Zentradi the ENTIRE TIME he’s been on board. He also uses his position as a face in the media to speak against the military. I find it interesting that the people actually in the military don’t attempt to belittle him or get angry at him for his views. The narrative of the show doesn’t paint Kaifun as some naive soul who Just Doesn’t Understand either. I respect this, though I find Kaifun’s position against the military annoying.


Kakizaki dies, which I had expected to happen much earlier in the show but here we are. Two deaths in a row. Who’s next? Shammy? (Please no. All the bridge ladies are an absolute delight. I would hate to lose them.)

Finally, I’m gonna guess Milia’s story from here on out. She’s curious about the ace pilot on the Macross who is the only pilot to ever best her in battle. So she’s hunting for this guy and falls in love and defects to the humans. I guess she’ll fall for Hikaru before she falls for Max. We’ll see though. We’ll see.

19 1
RIP big guy

“Paradise Lost”: In Zentradi space, Admiral Britai receives command of 1200 spaceships and orders them all to fold to Earth. Macross is taking on a load of supplies and Hikaru is having a really hard time writing a death notice to Kakizaki’s parents. He and Max exchange words about their promotions and the new pilots now stationed on the Macross. In the underbelly, the Blue Wind boys share a final meal on board the ship and reflect on the various things they will miss. They mention the one time they went to the disco with the bridge ladies several episodes ago (they’re totally coming back and marrying them. I cannot be convinced otherwise). Captain Global receives orders to launch into space. Shortly after, they detect the Zentradi spies launching and a Zentradi ship intercepting them. The Blue Wind boys give their report to Admiral Britai to his amazement. Afterward, they show each other the smuggled souvenirs they did NOT show Britai and decide to show the low-level crew instead. Their room becomes quite popular. Back on the Macross, Captain Global gives a speech to the entire ship about his failed attempts to find a place for the Macrossians. Minmay steps in to offer words of encouragement and invites everyone to think of the Macross as their homeland from now on. She sings a song as the Macross launches into space, hopefully to return to Earth one day.

It has been one episode since Milia boarded the Macross and we have yet to hear from her about how she’s doing. Isn’t she freaking out? Wouldn’t she be confused? Why wasn’t Blue Wind informed of this development and offered her assistance? How is my girl doing?

This is otherwise a pretty slow episode. There’s some brooding, some angst, a whole lot of Captain Global wishing he could do better by the civilians now under his command. While I like in theory that this show takes its time with matters like these, I’d like to see more space fights please. Especially now that the Macross has been abandoned by the Earth government. How does Macross move on from such a betrayal? And how are they going to handle 1,200 enemy space ships?

While I wait for another plot point to come into play, I’m ending with my amusement over the Blue Wind boys. They didn’t just smuggle one or two items apiece that were not shown to their superiors, they smuggled a small pile equal in size to the stuff they showed their superiors. I wonder if they’re going to start a small underground market of stories and souvenirs that will spread throughout the Zentradi ships. Will Britai find out? Will he take disciplinary action to suppress such a thing? I may find out sometime in the next five episodes!

20 1
The tiny singing Minmay doll is the best part of this episode, hands down.