Episodes 15 and 16: Hikaru and Minmay visit Minmay’s parents in Yokohama. Then, Kamujin attacks the Macross . . . again.

*NOTE* Retro Recaps are going to be inconsistent from here on out because Life Things are still and will continue to take up most of my energy. Sorry for the inconvenience.

“Chinatown”: As Captain Hayase and Captain Global leave for Alaska, Global’s replacement encounters the same problems as Global when he first stepped on the bridge. Namely hitting his head on the doorway and the “no smoking” rule. Claudia’s shift ends and, instead of going to the festival, she pays a visit to Roy Focker. At the festival, which is celebrating Macross landing on Earth, the Zentradi team Blue Wind decide to take the day off and get drunk. Minmay leaves with Hikaru to Yokohama where Minmay visits with her parents who believed her dead. She assures them otherwise and tells them of her new career as an idol and they are very disappointed in her career choice. Minmay’s cousin Lynn Kaifun arrives and takes Minmay’s side to the chagrin of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn. Kaifun and Hikaru clash because Hikaru is a military pilot and Kaifun joined an anti-military league. Kaifun decides to return to Macross where his parents live and joins Hikaru and Minmay on the journey. Meanwhile, in Alaska, Hayase and Global are cross-examined regarding their report on the Zentradi. Their request to relocate the civilians of the Macross is denied because the official story of the island’s disappearance didn’t involve aliens and the UN officials want to keep the truth under wraps. They return to the Macross but Captain Hayase’s father, who is on the UN council, writes a letter asking Hayase to leave Macross but she rips it up.

Alas, Hikaru gets to meet Minmay’s parents! Also alas, Hikaru is placed in a super awkward position of coming between the love of his life and her parents. I strongly believe that he should have supported Minmay a lot more than he did in that argument, if only to affirm Minmay’s assertion that she is not a “comfort woman.” And you wonder why she doesn’t like you more, Mr. Nice Guy Hikaru.

We also have the introduction of Kaifun, whom I’m assuming has already won Minmay’s affections previous to the events that started this show. Which means Kaifun vs. Hikaru is going to be a common conflict from here on out. Not only is Minmay between them, but Kaifun is anti-military where Hikaru has won military awards for valor and merit in the couple of months he’s been enlisted.

Also, Hikaru’s flight suit from the beginning of the series has been repaired. Huzzuh for that!

Finally, the UN Council has Big Plans and will tell absolutely no one. I totally agree with Hayase’s decision to ignore her father’s request to leave Macross while she can. Though I would definitely analyze what the UN Council could possibly have up their sleeves.

15 1
The ominousness of screened authority dates back to the early 1980s in television history.

Before I summarize this episode, I am expressing the hope that the Macross does kung-fu while in its transformed mode. That being said, let’s begin.

“Fung-fu Dandy”: Accompanied by Minmay and Hikaru, Kaifun returns to the house of his parents who have been caring for their niece, Minmay, during this whole debacle. The reunion is emotional as Kaifun is a prodigal son. On the bridge, Commodore Global breaks the news that civilians aren’t allowed to leave Macross to the crew and they all decide to go into town to blow off some steam. They meet up with Max on the way to Restaurant Lynn and meet Hikaru when they arrive. The restaurant is celebrating the return of Kaifun and he greets the military personnel despite his distaste for the military. During the celebration, a news reporter announces that citizens on Macross are not allowed to leave for quarantine procedures and a fight breaks out. Surprisingly, Kaifun fights alongside the military people using Chinese-style kung-fu. Meanwhile, Captain Kamujin decides to attack Macross (again) which busies the battleship for the second half of the episode. Kamujin sends his cruiser on a suicide run to the Macross but meets its end by a Daedalus attack. Hikaru’s Valkyrie goes down during the attack. In the aftermath, Global orders Hayase to take some time off as she is shaken up by some anti-military sentiments expressed by Kaifun and Hikaru. The episode closes with operating room doors closing behind Hikaru.

Now allow me to express my disappointment that the Macross is not as nimble as a Valkyrie. I hope to one day see my battleship robot do more than stand around.

Finally, Kaifun is a douche. His anti-military rhetoric is only going to stir trouble on the Macross despite his timely appearance. The narrative seems ripe to add a new enemy to the mix: the UN High Council. So while the civilians on board the Macross turn against their leaders, the military leaders of Macross will eventually turn against the UN High Council. And then a lone battleship aimlessly floating through space will fight a war of two-fronts and somehow emerge victorious. I said it first here, folks.

16 1.png
Injured!Hikaru just looks like Sleeping!Hikaru except with sad music.