Episodes 13 & 14: Captain Global breaks free of the Zentradi blockade with the intention of informing High Military Command information about the Zentradi forces.

“Blue Wind”: Having finally arrived on Macross in order to infiltrate it, the trio of Zentradi spies called Blue Wind struggle to make sense of their new environment. They sneak into a ladies’ locker room and steal clothes, resulting in the biggest of their number putting on a skirt rather than pants. Then, in public, they are shocked by the amount of interaction happening between males and females. The spy in a skirt realizes he is wearing the wrong uniform and is sadly mocked for it. Vermillion Squad with now-Captain Hayase debriefs the ship’s high commanders of their time with the Zentradi fleet but the only person who believes them is Captain Global. Regardless, their return to Macross is celebrated with a reception and performance by Lynn Minmay. She hands out bouquets of flowers and kisses, except for Hayase who only gets a handshake. In order to bring the information to the UN and High Military Commander, Global concocts a plan that involves breaking through the Zentradi blockade and landing on Earth. In the middle of their operation, however, Captain Kamujin attacks. Commander Lap’Lamiz interferes before he can do much damage and Macross lands in the Pacific Ocean.

The individual members of Blue Wind need names. So there there’s The Short One, The Tall One, and The Big One. Their conclusions this episode are that males and females change uniforms (outfits in the Protoculture jargon) depending on their activity (which sounds exhausting to them) and males and females interact A LOT. They were also present for the welcome back reception. These guys are going to have to learn to deal with a lot of feelings.

When The Big One came out wearing a skirt, I thought there would have been some subtly pro-trans rhetoric happening in the form of “I realize this is a woman’s uniform but I enjoy wearing it.” Instead, people start laughing at him. When he retreats to a bathroom, he’s kicked out of one for being a lady and attacked in the other for being a man.

The other potentially LGBTQ+ moment this episode was when Lynn Minmay hands out flowers to Vermillion Squad and Hayase. I personally believe she should have kissed all four members, you know, for equality’s sake. Would have also sent Blue Wind in a tizzy too. But alas, we are met with disappointment.

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Maybe if I stare at it long enough it’ll turn into a shippable moment. 

“Global Report”: RECAP EPISODE! Captain Global recaps the military events from episode one until the Macross‘s return to Earth. It’s a nice review of everything that happened so far, but I did find myself falling asleep towards the end of it. Could have also been the sleepytime tea I drank as I watched, though.

Four episodes away from the halfway point!

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I love how these guys are not given romantic subtext. Outside of watching a sunset together, that is.