Episodes 9 & 10: Lynn Minmay enters the Miss Macross contest but Hikaru is called for a mission as it happens. Then, an attack disables Macross’s radar and leaves the ship vulnerable.

It’s been a couple weeks since I last saw this show and I didn’t refresh my memory beforehand so here it goes!

“Miss Macross”: In celebration of the brand new Macross Broadcasting System, the good producers behind the MBS host the Miss Macross beauty contest. Hikaru calls over Minmay for coffee hoping to see a movie but Minmay declines because she has to work. She suggests a date on Saturday but Hikaru is on duty then. They watch the newly constructed twilight. Later, Kakizaki and Max learn they can have off the day of the Miss Macross contest so they decide to go in support of Minmay. On the day of the contest, everyone is attending the contest live instead of watching it on their televisions at home. A Zendradi scouting vessel circles Macross investigating the new signal broadcasting across the ship. 2nd Lt. Hayase tries to contact Hikaru but he’s not where he’s supposed to be. She pages him and orders him to scramble. Hikaru goes but takes a lot of artillery when he goes. In space, Hikaru is distracted by the Miss Macross contest and it affects his performance. The Zendradi recon guys are super confused by the Miss Macross contest and record everything they can get. Hikaru manages to infiltrate the Zendradi recon ship as the pilots escape in an escape pod. The recon ship self-destructs but Hikaru is okay, semi-conscious but okay. He comes to as Minmay is crowned Miss Macross.

Let’s point out all the ways Hikaru was a bad pilot this episode. First, he leaves the base when he is on duty. What if Macross needed him to get to his Valkyrie sooner? What if communications went down and the bridge couldn’t inform the rest of the ship of an imminent attack? Bad soldiering. BUT THEN, instead of focusing on destroying a recon ship, he distracts himself by watching the Miss Macross contest. Way to go, man. Not only are you not doing your job, but you can’t even get a good wank out of it because your spacesuit doesn’t work that way. For shame, man, for shame.

In this episode, we learn that we’ve only seen male Zendradi soldiers because males and females don’t intermix. Perhaps they do for procreation? Unless Zendradi are test tube babies. The Zendradi soldiers also mention having an excited feeling they haven’t felt before. It’s cute because grown males don’t understand the concept of Lust.

This is also episode, what, six? where Hikaru pines for Minmay who at this point is totally not into him. Give it up, man. You’ll find love eventually. It won’t be Minmay (I know who it will be though) but you’ll find it!

9 2.png
A little part of me wishes (but is too cynical to hope) that she’s secretly gay.

“The Blind Game”:  The Zentradi recon pilots report on the Miss Macross broadcast to Lord Britai. Both Britai and his minion the Archivist cannot make heads or tails of the information, so they decide to capture a human instead. On Macross, the jamming is lifted long enough to get a signal to the UN Forces on Earth. The UN is unable to reveal HOW they’re helping, just that Macross should keep the enemy distracted until help arrives. The Zentradi launch an intimidation attack but a sneaky ploy by Captain Kamujin results in the destruction of Macross’s long-distance radar. 2nd Lt. Hayase volunteers for the Cat’s Eye, a jet equipped with radar equipment to act as a replacement until repairs are made. Hikaru and his squadron escort the Cat’s Eye but are overwhelmed by an Zentrati attack. Hayase is captured and Vermillion Squad goes to rescue her and they end up face-to-face with Lord Britai himself. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as Lord Britai knocks out one of Vermillion Squad.

If Zentradi can survive in the vacuum of space, why do they bother to wear spacesuits at all?

Of course, this question is based solely on Lord Britai who also sports a mechanical eye. For all I know, he also has mechanical lungs. And possibly non-malleable skin? There is no atmospheric pressure in space. How did he survive?

Hikaru and 2nd Lt. Hayase continue their bickering wars, and it has now gotten to the point where other characters totally notice. Of course, the comment happened in enemy territory when Hayase is probably seeking emotional refuge by her ability to command what she can, Vermillion Squad at the moment. Yet Hikaru was all too happy to obey. Because obeying your female commanding officer means you’re infatuated.

But yeah, they’re totally hooking up at some point. Maybe they’re going to display romantic affection for the enemy and become the sexual awakening for an entire army. Tune in next week to find out (she says with a self-aware wink).

10 1.png
This dude would have survived if he wore plot armor like he was supposed to!