Part 1 – The human resistance plans and executes an operation that exposes the true lizard faces of the Visitors.

Main Plot: 

Mike dreams an attempted (but failed) escape of his son Sean from the Visitor mothership. Later that same day, he joins the resistance on a raid against a Visitor food plant that packages captured humans into suspended animation and preps them for the long journey back to the Visitor planet. The raid is unsuccessful. In the aftermath, Mike proposes a big event that can earn them credibility and more support from regular people. He proposes to expose the Visitors’ true skins on live television. Meanwhile, the resistance needs more medical supplies.

Christine Walsh, Visitor spokesperson, is frustrated with the bureaucracy of the Visitors but promised a huge story at the Los Angeles Medical Center (LAMC). While at the medical center, Christine meets Dr. Walker who denounces Christine for propagating the Visitor propaganda. Dr. Walker is then taken by the Visitors for Conversion. Meanwhile, Daniel allows a resistance van to enter the LAMC campus in exchange for a little baggie of pot. The resistance fighters have a system to steal a bunch of drugs and get out without detection. Later, Christine meets Dr. Walker again but Dr. Walker has nothing but friendly things to say, which arouses Christine’s suspicions.

The ball gets rolling on the Big Exposure Event. Mike meets with Martin about acquiring uniforms and weapons that can be used. The resistance will have to copy an invitation in order to get into the vent, so Mike sneaks into the Dupres Mansion. Mike is Eleanor Dupres’s son, but Eleanor Dupres is a close and personal friend of Steven, the head of security for the Visitors in LA. Eleanor discovers Mike replacing the invitation and shoots at him, effectively ending any relationship she had with her son.

Later, Mike meets with Christine in an attempt to win her over to the resistance’s side. She is skeptical but Mike gives her an access key and asks her to look for Sean in Section 34. Christine goes snooping in the mothership and discovers the storage warehouse of humans. She finds Sean and has a revelation. However, she’s caught when attempting to sneak back out. She’s threatened by both Steven and Diana.

At LAMC, Willie and Harmony are reunited randomly and sneak off for some time together but discover the resistance members stealing more medicine. They are captured and taken to the resistance HQ where the scientists there start conducting experiments on Willie. One scientist cruelly reveals Willie’s true lizard skin to Harmony. Robin, now heavily pregnant with Brian’s child, also sees the lizard nature of the Visitors and demands an abortion. The issue seems divided among the resistance leaders but the choice is ultimately Robin’s who wants the baby out.

Back to the hospital they go to check out the hybrid pregnancy. Julie and another doctor discover that an abortion is out of the question as Robin starts to die every time they attempt to cut away at the fetus. So Robin is forced to carry her baby to term.

It’s the night of the Big Exposure Event and the resistance team gets into position. Things go smoothly and Supreme Commander John’s human make up is ripped off on live television to the horror of everyone present. Diana demands Christine tell everything the lizard face is a fake but Christine starts pleading for people to fight back against the Visitors. Diana shoots her on screen, presumably dead. Supreme Commander John is taken away to hide while Diana and Steven deal with the resistance who get away. Julie stays behind to cover everyone during their escape and is captured by Diana and put through Conversion.


Main Characters:

Mike Donovan: Mike’s main motivation is to rescue his son, but he’s reckless and often risks exposing the resistance for the sake of passing along information. He’s left behind once or twice by the resistance but always finds a way back. Definitely the alpha male of the show with his penchant for unbottoning his shirts and ability to get himself out of trouble. His stance that Robin should be allowed to make a decision over her body sounds like that was the prevalent idea at the time.

Dr. Julie Parrish: Julie’s big struggle this episode was her worthiness at being a leader and attempting to keep the team together. She confides in plenty of people about this over the course of the episode and everyone assures her that she’s doing amazing. However, it’s Mike that says the only person who expects her to know everything is herself. I can’t help but think that Julie’s self-doubt with being a leader mirrors the self-doubt of other women in positions of authority. Why me? Why is it I am the one with the power to make these decisions? Yet Julie’s voice is strong when she’s in the middle of an operation. She’s proven capable of leading the team of resistance fighters, her self-doubt is a way to bring her down a notch into the realm of Flawed Humans she leads. Though I do appreciate that she confides to a bunch of different people, so her self-doubt isn’t exactly a secret. The big conflict for next episode will be Julie post-Conversion, which will be exciting to see.

Robin Maxwell: Robin is heavily pregnant when she’s introduced in this episode. She starts doubting the rumors that the Visitors are really lizard people but then there is a patch of skin around her neck that looks awfully like scales. She didn’t tell anyone the name of the father of her baby and I appreciate the support she gets from her father on that regard. I suppose you don’t have time to discipline teenagers when you’re leading a resistance. I feel as though her demand for an abortion would have gotten a lot more coverage if this show was made post 2010, so I appreciate the little time it got in addition to the support Robin gets from the narrative. What will the baby look like when its born? Maybe we’ll learn in the next episode.

Christine Walsh: Finally, Christine starts to question the motives behind the Visitors. It starts with her encounter with Dr. Walker at the LAMC and culminates in her telling people to fight against the Visitors on live television during the Big Exposure Event. I appreciate her arc in this episode, but I’m saddened that she didn’t play a bigger role in the resistance leading up to it. Considering that this show is starving for humans who support the Visitors, and her own Visitor support puts a pretty big hamper on the resistance, I can understand the narrative decision to make Christine pro-Visitor. I still would have liked her to be a double-agent though.


Further Analysis:

Unlike the original miniseries, this second miniseries starts off with a bang and keeps that same level of interest throughout the show. There is no period of soft build up to major revelations. For that, The Final Battle is more engaging to start and easier to consume. Interest is high, action is high, and the narrative doesn’t linger on the big ideas.

I noticed resistance fighters calling the Visitor’s presence a fascist regime a couple of times. It made me think of the modern political climate surrounding the Trump Administration and what I can do to make my voice heard. I also wonder if active prosecution against a select group of people is a requirement for fascism. Still working that out. Please don’t discuss politics in my comment section without relating it back to V.

While writing the main plot, I noticed that Mike Donovan carries most of the plot forward while the characters carrying internal struggles are the female characters. I appreciate the saturation of leading ladies in such an old show, especially an action show from the 1980s. There could be more diversity, I feel (full disclosure, the secondary white characters blur together to the point where names are hard to remember if I won’t write them down immediately). Otherwise, this show does a good job for feminism.

Predictions for next episode include Julie working with the Visitors and Mike fumbling with being a leader of the resistance.