The Crown details the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II, current monarch of the United Kingdom and British Empire. Set in the 1950s, the show starts with Queen Elizabeth’s marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh Philip Mountbatten and the re-election of Winston Churchill as the British Prime Minister. From there, the show takes slow and deliberate steps in covering the reign of Queen Elizabeth II through episodic storytelling and beautiful cinematography.

The beautiful cinematography and majestic score are showcased in the opening sequence which is an artistic representation of a piece of unrefined gold transforming into the royal crown. The sequence is very striking with a black background to make the gold pop. And the score, which is full of grandiose chords without a particular melody, accents the very majesty conveyed in the visuals. Both score and visuals crescendo in a simplistic metaphor of Queen Elizabeth II’s transformation into the respectable Queen of the British Empire. (Sadly, since everything in the opening credits moves and fades without stopping, I was unable to capture the best contrast in both pictures).

But there is a disconnect between the opening sequence and the show itself. The opening sequence feels more like a mimicry of opening sequences of shows with a grander plot. Perhaps if the show were to have a darker tone to it, or the same challenge rearing its ugly head every episode until its resolution in a finale, then there would be less disconnect between the two. Or perhaps if the opening sequence were to remove the black background in favor of another color, such as purple or red. Or transitioned from black to a dark shade of red.

Truth be told, the opening sequence for The Crown makes the show seem much darker than it actually is. And that’s a disconnect that makes me skeptical of the minds producing the show.

Other than the opening sequence, I enjoy The Crown very much. Would recommend to people to enjoy fictional adaptations of historical events and people who enjoy period dramas.

The only glimpse of the royal crown seen in the opening credits

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