Happy Valentine’s Day! I do not think of myself as a sucker for romance (as I groan every time two characters don’t kiss in a movie). BUT I am a total sucker for friendships between two ladies, especially if they support each other in navigating a man’s world. In the time-honored tradition started by Leslie Knope, here are my five favorite female friendships:

Galentine via The Secret Life of Us

HONORABLE MENTION: Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins (Parks and Recreation)

Starting things off with the duo that started it all! Leslie’s constant compliments of Ann gave light to my heart every time they graced my ears. And Ann’s support of Leslie’s ambitious ventures made me determined to support my own friends in whatever they choose to do. I love these ladies so much this paragraph is all the coherence I can muster before exploding into a giant squee of love.

5). Inara and Kaylee (Firefly)

Inara is a Companion, a profession that gives pleasure to the upper castes in the Alliance. Kaylee is a mechanic, fixing spaceship engines like daddy taught her. Together, they’re a juxtaposition of high class and lower class, AND they’re best friends at the start of Firefly. Though they’ll comment about how much the other means to them throughout the series, I would have loved to have seen more of their friendship on and off the ship. Still, I love the “rich priss and dirty pauper” trope for representing two people of differing backgrounds loving and supporting each other.

Galentine via The Secret Life of Us

4). Sally Po and Lucrezia Noin (New Mobile Report Gundam Wing)

War is not just for men in Gundam Wing, the property that brought the Gundam name to North America. When they first meet, Sally Po and Lucreazia Noin had the same mission: retrieve a Gundam from the bottom of the ocean. They team up with the intention to betray the other in order to get the Gundam, but end up mutually agreeing on the Gundam’s fate by the end of their mission. By the end of the series, Sally and Noin are the leading fighters in an anti-terrorist organization. Though not seen interacting very often, their initial team up is the start of a great friendship.

3). Haruka and Michiru (Sailor Moon/Sailor Moon Crystal)

I have not seen the latest season of Sailor Moon Crystal, nor have I seen the Japanese version of the original Sailor Moon anime. I have, however, fallen head over heels for the romance between Haruka (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru (Sailor Neptune). The original English dub said they were “close cousins” instead of romantic partners, but we the viewers know otherwise. Michiru and Haruka are more mature than the other five Sailor Senshi but morally ambiguous, which puts some distance between the two teams initially. I should come out and say I love every single relationship in the Sailor Moon franchise, but that seems like a cop-out as every character in Sailor Moon is female (unless they’re a romantic interest) and supportive of her friends.

Galentine via The Secret Life of Us

2). Samantha Carter and Dr. Fraser (Stargate SG-1)

Samantha Carter is hands down my favorite character in Stargate SG-1. Though the show could use some more ladies in the main cast, I love the relationship between Carter and Dr. Fraser. They complain about being in a man’s world and support each other in moments of love and loss. They even have a daughter together–Carter falling in love with a little girl named Cassandra and Dr. Fraser later adopting Cassandra. Cassandra is mentioned once in a while, and often with Dr. Fraser inviting Carter to join on a weekend activity. You cannot convince me that these ladies are NOT in a loving and supportive relationship.



1). Agent 355 and Dr. Alison Mann (Y: The Last Man)

Forget navigating a men’s world, try traveling in a woman’s world! That’s what Agent 355 and Dr. Alison Mann do throughout the graphic novel Y: The Last Man. Agent 355 is a secret agent and unwilling bodyguard to Yorick Brown, the only known survivor of a plague that destroyed everything with a Y chromosome. Dr. Mann is a geneticist studying Yorick’s DNA in an attempt to discover why he survived. Both Agent 355 and Dr. Mann have to put up with poor Yorick (alas) as they go from Boston to Los Angeles to Australia then Japan, so naturally they bond pretty firmly. Their friendship is a driving force of the plot as without either of them, Yorick would have been toast multiple times throughout the adventure.

Galentine via The Secret Life of Us

Do you have a favorite female/female friendship? Let me know in the comments!