The human resistance establishes a base in the California mountains while Mike discovers the hidden agenda of the Visitors.

V The Original Miniseries Part 2 continues where Part 1 left off but narrows the focus to only a few main characters. This post won’t be as long as the last one, but it keeps the same format. Let’s go!

Robin finds a secret door to secretly escape the secret resistance base.

Synopsis: Mike arrives to his son’s neighborhood to find it destroyed. A kid named Josh is there and retells what happened. He hid away but Mike’s son Sean and his ex-wife were taken by the Visitors.

With the help of Elias and his gang, Julie’s group of scientific rebels find a hideaway in a series of underground tunnels. They start moving in immediately. Meanwhile, Daniel announces his engagement to Robin Maxwell who is hiding with her family in his family’s pool house. His family is against this because Robin is unaware of the engagement and, as revenge, Daniel ousts the Maxwells to the Visitors. The Visitors swoop in to capture the Maxwells only to find Abraham in an empty pool house.

The Maxwells are being smuggled by Sancho out of the city. They cross one border checkpoint but escape before a second. However, since Sancho’s car was reported from the first checkpoint, Sancho is captured. The Maxwells arrive at the resistance headquarters on foot. The resistance looks to Julie to lead their cell but she expresses doubts about her leadership ability to Ruby who offers sound advice. Robin sneaks out of the base and gets captured by the Visitors where she is taken to the mothership. Dr. Maxwell realizes Robin is gone and goes to look for her. He is caught by a Visitor guard who makes a deal with Dr. Maxwell–give up the location of the human resistance base and Robin will be spared. Dr. Maxwell agrees to it but only if he has the time to rescue the rest of his family at the base. On the mothership, Diana speaks with Brian about an experiment she wants to conduct involving Robin–the show beats around the bush but Diana wants to impregnate Robin with a Visitor child and she wants Brian to do the honors. Despite Robin’s willingness expressed in Part 1, this is still rape.

Mike and Tony and a few other journalists decide to save a bunch of people being taken to the mothership and make a few joking references to the El Salvador scene that opened the series. Both of them are injured and captured. Mike wakes up and meets Diana who wants to convert Mike because he would be a challenging mind to convert. However, with the help of Martin and Barbara–two Visitor rebels–Mike escapes before anything can be done to him. Tony, however, is beyond saving at that point.

Elias and his gang members capture Mike, thinking him a Visitor, and bring him to Julie so she can experiment on him. Instead, Mike shares what he discovered about the Visitors and their reptile form and the fact that they torture and convert humans. The resistance decides on a three-part plan that includes disrupting every Visitor activity and stealing weapons from the armory. The third point is to find other resistance cells in other cities but there was no one who volunteered to do just that. Mike will not participate in the operation because he is going to sneak back on board the mothership in an attempt to save Sean.

Dr. Maxwell and his wife and daughter being smuggled out of LA

On the mothership, Mike discovers storage tanks that contain water. Martin, who organized his rescue earlier, finds him and further explains the real plan of the Visitors. Since the Visitor homeworld is low on resources, the Visitors plan is to take all the water on Earth. As for the disappearing people, they will eventually become food since that is also a low resource on the Visitor homeworld. There is also an enemy of the Visitors which excites Mike because it means a potential ally. Martin explains that Diana has also been experimenting on humans and shows Mike the final result of one of them. In the same room is Sancho who smuggled the Maxwells. Sancho had been tortured but he swears that he didn’t give up anything. Mike decides to take Sancho with him on his escape. On his way out, he finds Robin and takes her too. Martin helps them escape on a shuttle. Though Martin wanted to join Mike, Mike convinces Martin to stay since he needs a guy on the inside to help out. Martin reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, at the factory, the human resistance plants a series of bombs to be a distraction from the real operation, which is stealing guns from the armory. The operation is struggling but succeeding so Dr. Maxwell leaves early to head back to the base. He is followed by Diana and the Visitor guard that made the deal with him. Dr. Maxwell is angry that their end of the deal wasn’t held up and he arrives at the base during the attack. Julie and the rest of the operations team arrive with their weapons and put them to good use against the Visitors.

During his escape from the mothership, Mike is tailed by two other Visitor fighters. Sancho takes the role of gunner to shoot at the tails with mediocre success. Sancho gets one but the other explodes against a cliffside as a result of Mike flying through a tunnel. They arrive at the resistance battle and get a hit on Diana’s ship. The explosion rips her face, revealing the reptile skin underneath. She orders a retreat and the resistance celebrates their victory. Dr. Maxwell finds his wife Katherine in time to witness her death. Since she didn’t know the location of her daughters, Dr. Maxwell believed them dead until they find him.

Mike and Julie talk but Julie cannot guarantee the safety of the people already captured by the Visitors for food. So Mike leaves the group to find a way to save his ex-wife and kid. Julie’s next step is to attempt to contact the Visitor’s enemies in space which they do with the radio equipment at the base. Elias asks how long it will take and Julie says a couple years at least. So the resistance has to hold out until then, but Julie believes it’s more realistic to expect no help at all.

Robin tucks her sisters into bed and it’s revealed that she’s been sick the past couple mornings which we the audience know to be morning sickness. Finally, Dr. Maxwell meets with Stanley and his wife who were arrested, tortured, and released. Dr. Maxwell wants to use the pool house as a safe house. While Stanley’s wife disagrees adamantly, Stanley agrees because of a letter written by Abraham that encourages them to have hope and do the right thing no matter the cost.

Dr. Julie taking a stand against a Visitor fighter shuttle with a handgun because she’s fucking badass okay?

The human resistance takes center stage in Part 2 of the miniseries. While some arcs are completed–such as Robin’s realization that her romance isn’t the driving force of everyone around her–the main arc of defeating the Visitors remains open ended. Luckily there is a sequel miniseries that will hopefully conclude that.

Like Part 1, it takes a bit for the action in Part 2 to really get going. While Part 1 has the excuse of setting up everything–particularly the early cooperation between humans and Visitors–Part 2 doesn’t have that excuse. It starts with a flashback tell-no-show scene which happened twice in Part 1 and was annoying both times. Fortunately, this is the only time the technique is used in Part 2.

As for the characters, Julie is really coming into her own as the resistance leader. Her plans are practical and realistic so the group is willing to listen to her. She’s my favorite character after Abraham and it has everything to do with her being a woman in charge without a romantic partner. Daniel had the potential for a redemption after his family is arrested. But then he was nicely rewarded and he kept being the creepmeister he has always been, so there goes my hope. Poor Robin is the mother of some human/Visitor hybrid no one is going to like. I have a feeling she’s going to treasure that child when everyone else wants to experiment on it. That has the potential to be an interesting arc, but it would have to be done carefully.

Speaking of rape, Barbara’s role in Mike’s rescue the first time involved her giving him her jumpsuit and asking him to shoot her. Mike does, reluctantly, but is moved by her spirit and kisses her forehead while she’s unconscious. It seems creepy, but if their genders were reversed, it would not be creepy. I find myself in a social conundrum over this. Because Mike is still kissing an unconscious woman in her underwear. The same situation with reversed genders isn’t considered creepy at all. Still, I’m erring on the side of this being a tender moment and it has everything to do with Mike’s seemingly disinterest in the female body. Lemme explain.

In Part 1, while Mike is sneaking around the air vents of the mothership, he discovers a female Visitor sitting in her quarters wearing naught but a shirt. Mike does not appear interested in this AT ALL and moves on without being a creeper. There was one other instance in Part 1 where something similar happened, but I don’t remember the finer details. Now, in Part 2, Mike is rescued by a woman who strips to her skivvies and he makes no move to symbolize arousal of any sort. I may be coming at this from my “in modern days boys take every opportunity to oogle a lady’s skin.” But I am still puzzled by Mike’s seeming disinterest. Perhaps this is why he has failed relationships with women.

A Visitor shuttle is hit and falls to its doom in the final battle with the resistance fighters.

The best moment this part is Ruby’s molotov cocktail inside a Visitor shuttle.