Season 3 Episode 20 – SG-1 locates Kheb, the Harcesis child of Amonet and Apophos, and a zen garden that houses a mysterious being of light called Mother Nature.

The stargate at Stargate Command activates for Bra’tac, who bears an injured Jaffa and news that Chulak was attacked by Apophos. Bra’tac’s Jaffa apprentice dies shortly after an operation. Him and Teal’c discuss the nature of Apophos’s attack on Chulak and conclude that Apophos was looking for his Harcesis child born in Season 2 and hidden away until now. Bra’tac tells the legend of Kheb among the Jaffa–that it is a place where Jaffa go to die in defiance of their Goa’uld overlords. Bra’tac admits that he wants to find and live on Kheb if he has the means to locate it with SG-1. Carter checks the SGC database of planets and locates a planet in a specific system that has a stargate according to the Ancient map provided by O’Neill in Season 2 but does not appear on the Abydos Cartouche. SG-1, Bra’tac, and SG-2 go through the gate to this planet. Turns out, it is Kheb. But a team of Jaffa arrived before they did. The team finds the Jaffas’ burned bodies and the non-charred corpse of a woman who was probably carrying the Harcesis child. Upon further exploration, the team finds a temple in the valley. At the temple, SG-1 meets a Monk who teaches Jackson telekinesis and pyrokinesis. Jackson’s abilities are met with heavy speculation, and Jackson soon learns that his powers are not coming from him but from Oma Desala, a being of light protecting the Harcesis child. Jackson realizes that he is unable to protect the child and gives him up to Oma Desala. A Goa’uld ship arrives on the planet and a small squad attacks the temple, killing the monk. Oma Desala easily takes care of the Gao’uld squad. She then leaves the planet with Harcesis.

The Temple of Oma Desala from a distance.

This episode doesn’t sit right with me. Despite the plot advancement, it was hard to give this episode my full attention. There were not any creative shots in the cinematography. Jackson is given the role of spiritual leader and must fight against all sorts of cynicism from O’Neill and Carter. All this, plus a jarring mix of cultures (discussed next paragraph) led to this episode being uninteresting in terms of viewing. This episode also lacked the humor found in previous episodes, though not without trying. O’Neill’s quips sounded downright mean.

The jarring mix of cultures rubbed me the wrong way. The name of the planet is Kheb which is Ancient Egyptian in origin. For all we know, it’s just the name given to the planet by the Goa’uld and is not actually used by the planet’s local population. Secondly, the temple is supposed to be Buddhist though it looks more like traditional Chinese architecture. Jackson mentions Oma Desala sounding like a name of African origin, though from which tribe or region of Africa is unclear. And then Oma Desala is played by a white woman.

I guess it’s cool that Jackson gets to hold Shau’re’s child for a few minutes. That was kind of cute. But the rest of the episode did not make up for that one moment.

This must have gotten lost on me because this episode only had half of my attention at any given time, but I don’t understand why the Goa’uld would be attacking Kheb NOW if they’ve known its location for such a long time. How did they locate the coordinates for Kheb? Was Bra’tac’s apprentice secretly a mole? Were the coordinates found in a legend somewhere on Chulak? I wanted that to be clearer in the episode.

tl;dr – The last episode this weak was season 2 episode 5 “Need” which also featured Jackson willingly accepting a position of power. I do not like this trend if that is how this is going.

Those wide eyes are because Jackson is the first human this child has seen in a while.

This episode’s adorable mascot is Harcesis who is a really cute baby for being the Ultimate Magical Child of Stargate SG-1.