Season 3 Episode 17 – Colonel O’Neill starts a new life on another planet after he is stranded from a meteor impact event.

SG-1 sits with Laira, a woman from a medieval village on the planet Edora. They are on the verge of making a new treaty to give Stargate Command the right to mine the naquadah in the soil of Edora. SG-1 and Laira view a meteor shower but the meteors are too big and way too close for comfort. Carter and Jackson look into the astronomical and geographical records of the planet. Jackson realizes an impact event happens once every 150 years while Carter determines that the planet crosses into an asteroid belt which is why the meteor shower happens every year. The meteors start to fall during the daytime and SG-1 helps evacuate everyone who wants to. During the evacuation, O’Neill and Laira go to find Laira’s son who has disappeared. Teal’c and Carter stay behind on Edora until the last possible moment. Stargate Command attempts to send through a probe to check the situation but a meteor hits close enough to the stargate to bury it. O’Neill, meanwhile, emerges from the cave where Laira, her son, her future daughter-in-law, and O’Neill were holed up. He discovers that the stargate was buried and spends several days attempting to uncover it. Laira convinces him to make Edora his new home and O’Neill starts blending in with the locals. Meanwhile, on Earth, SG-1 looks into methods of retrieving O’Neill. The Tollans can have a rescue ship at Edora “by late next year” so their best option is for Carter to build a particle beam to heat up the naquadah creating a natural iris at the Edora stargate. During those hundred days, O’Neill falls in love with Laira who wants to have a child with O’Neill but only if O’Neill can leave Earth behind. He agrees, finally letting go of Earth, but the next day, as Laira is throwing away O’Neill’s things, she hears Carter on the radio announcing when the gate will close on Teal’c who is excavating his way out of the cavern. She tells this to O’Neill during their evening meal and he rushes to the site of the stargate, calling for Teal’c over the radio. O’Neill and Teal’c reunite. The Edora refugees are returned to their village and O’Neill must leave his life behind. He asks Laira to come with him, but she refuses. They part with the promise to meet again.

Science Sisters support each other even if one doesn’t support the other’s romantic choices.

So Jackson may have space girlfriends during his travels but O’Neill takes it one step further and acquires space wives. Remember the young’in he banged in the Season 1 Episode “Brief Candle”? O’Neill’s relationships are few and far between so they carry more weight to them. This was a fun episode to watch because it dealt with what would happen if a member of SG-1 were forced to give up their life on Earth. It also brings up the question, since Jackson chose to stay on Abydos in the movie Stargate, would he return to Abydos once he retires from Stargate Command? Would O’Neill retire to Edora if/when he retires?

There is a moment between Dr. Fraser and Carter where Dr. Fraser is the supportive friend. This moment cheered me up so much I took a screenshot of it (pictured above). Science Sisters 5eva! Episode loses a couple bonus points because it wants to ship Carter with O’Neill. That ship may sail but it ain’t sailing yet.

Since Carter built a particle beam from scratch, I really hope to see it again in future episodes. What sort of weapon is a particle beam? Can it destroy a Goa’uld mothership? Can it destroy another kind of ship? Speaking of other alien races, it’s been a while since we heard from our friends the Asgard. I wonder how they’re doing. Additionally, Carter is a mechanical engineer in addition to her psychology and chemistry background. Does this woman know no limits?

O’Neill is defs “cool” if you’re under the age of 20. 

This episode’s adorable mascot is Laira’s son learning the word “cool” and what it means from O’Neill.