Season 3 Episode 15: The Tollans ask SG-1 for help in determining the fate of Klorel/Ska’ra who crash landed on their planet.

A lone Goa’uld fighter jet escapes from a battle in orbit around an unknown planet. The fighter crash lands on the planet and four locals investigate. Inside the fighter is an injured Klorel who demands help. At Stargate Command, the stargate activates when all teams are Earthside. A cat walks through the iris and Carter recognizes it as Schrodinger whom she gave as a gift to the Tollan Nareem. Nareem walks through and is welcomed by Stargate Command. He says that SG-1 has been summoned to a triad on the Tollan homeworld of Tollana which is similar to a trial on Earth. On Tollana, SG-1 is debriefed about triad procedures and meets Klorel/Ska’ara who wears a device that allows both sentient life forms to speak from the same body. The triad is to determine if Klorel has the right to continue inhabiting Ska’ara’s body. O’Neill and Jackson act as defense lawyers for Ska’ara while a Goa’uld agent acts as a defense lawyer for Klorel. Lya, a Nox woman previously seen in the series, acts as a neutral party and is the deciding vote for the triad. Arguments are heated during the triad with O’Neill and Jackson arguing that Ska’ara’s body was taken without permission and he currently lives as a slave. The Goa’uld agent argues that the Goa’uld cannot help their parasitic nature. Meanwhile, Carter and Teal’c investigate the other Goa’uld present on the planet and discover that they were tampering with the Tollan defensive system. They bring their findings to the Tollans who don’t believe their claims because their technology is more advanced than the Goa’uld’s. Teal’c goes against O’Neill’s orders and asks assistance from Lya to conceal one of the canons. The deciding vote of the triad is to remove Klorel from Ska’ara and to put him in another, willing host. The Tok’ra are asked to help with the procedure. However, the Goa’uld attack Tollana but the motherships in orbit are destroyed thanks to Teal’c’s and Lya’s concealed canon which was not tampered with. Klorel is removed from Ska’ara and Ska’ara returns with SG-1 to Earth and then, presumably, back to Abydos.

You can tell it’s Ska’ara because the chest device is blue.

It seems to me that something as plot-centric as Ska’ara finally regaining his body back from Klorel might be something a bit more dramatic than an episode in the middle of a season. Additionally, the fact that the Tok’ra could remove a Goa’uld without killing neither host or Goa’uld means that Amonet/Shau’re could have been captured instead of killed. (I will forever be salty about that).

This episodes features the return of the Tollans, who were first seen in the Season 1 episode “Enigma” and the Nox, first introduced in the Season 1 episode “Nox” and named as one of the Four Races of the still-mysterious galactic alliance. Both Tollans and Nox refuse to share their technology with SG-1 of Earth, believing their culture is still too viable with the amount of power their technology possesses. Indeed, the episode “Enigma” proved the Nox’s belief true since the NID wanted to steal rather than politely ask for the Tollans’ technology from them. In this episode, we finally see what the Tollans are capable of–and it includes the destruction of a Goa’uld mothership with a single shot from a canon. Oh, if SG-1 could have that technology.

There came a point at the end of the episode where O’Neill orders Ska’ara to stay in one place. Ska’ara does NOT (he moves through a doorway and looks pretty indignant about it) and I thought it the perfect opportunity for Klorel to emerge in a SURPRISE your Tok’ra were not Tok’ra after all! move. However, that didn’t happen, and I was left still confused because this is such a big accomplishment for SG-1 and it happened in the middle of a season. I thought Ska’ara getting his body back would warrant a season finale, or at least a mid-season two-parter. Guess not.

Cat lacks the indignant look of being held. Must be high on catnip.

This episode’s adorable mascot is Schrodinger the Cat who is remarkably docile for a cat put in an unfamiliar environment.