Season 3 Episode 14 – Stargate Command has been covertly invaded but no one wants to do anything about it.

SG-1 returns from a planet with a lot of rain as Stargate Command is taking care of a “chemical spill” on Level 23. During their medical examination, the team is sedated. Teal’c comes to and overhears Dr. Fraser and General Hammond talking to two aliens about how he and Major Carter were incompatible with a procedure. He springs himself loose then rescues Carter. Carter escapes through a secret passageway out of the base for outside help while Teal’c tries to find out what the aliens want. Teal’c is captured pretty quickly and harnessed. Carter, meanwhile, contacts Colonel Maybourne of the NID. They meet in person but O’Neill and Jackson show up to take Carter back to Stargate Command. She reluctantly agrees and Maybourne comes along. On the plane ride there, the holographic images hiding the aliens flicker, revealing Carter’s story to be true. They kill the alien impersonating O’Neill and injure the alien impersonating Jackson. Carter finds the holographic imaging device and uses it to disguise herself as Jackson. Maybourne, meanwhile, is rallying his troops for a rescue. Meanwhile, O’Neill wakes up dangling from a strange harness (on Level 23). He lures in the alien impersonating Dr. Fraser and knocks her out. Carter returns to Stargate Command and crafts a device that disrupts the holographic devices and sends the sound throughout the base. She finds the real O’Neill with the rest of the base personnel. The aliens evacuate most of them through the stargate but Carter and O’Neill manage to shut down the gate before they all disappear. Maybourne’s troops arrive as the lead alien self-destructs, leaving the embarkation chamber a mess. Otherwise, Stargate Command will recover.

We don’t see these guys work together too often. I want more of it.

It occurred to me on this episode that the members of SG-1 with magical powers are the woman and the black dude. The two white dudes are members of the team because of skill, I guess. I acknowledge that Carter’s familiarity with science and ability to kick ass were there before her conveniently-acknowledged Goa’uld powers. Likewise, I acknowledge that Teal’c’s contributions to the team have been pretty damn awesome. But I want everyone to reflect on the notion that the non-white, non-male characters are the ones with magical powers. Perhaps a white dude with the same abilities meant everyone else would not be deemed worthy?

Secondly, there was a scene where I thought Teal’c and Carter were having a shared delusion. It was when Teal’c was restrained in the hospital and Carter met Maybourne for coffee. Unfortunately, the show remained grounded on the idea that Stargate Command was indeed taken over by aliens. Besides, what if Carter was hallucinating the whole thing? How does that episode end? Does it end with her leaving the team for delusions? Would we get more character development from her? That’s an area I think the producers would not want to explore. Stargate SG-1 is way too camp for those serious-type episodes.

This is the first time we see something resembling trust forming between SG-1 and Colonel Maybourne of the NID. There is no established trust between these two parties outside trusting the other will follow standard military procedures. This trust is also based on Maybourne learning his lesson. The next time someone from SG-1 contacts him about a situation, he won’t break from routine procedure.

You can’t see the restraints but oh, look at that rage.

This episode’s adorable mascot is Teal’c in medical restraints. Made me think of a cat who dislikes being in its carrier and may indeed murder you when it gets out.