Season 3 Episode 11 – SG-1 finds a planet that recently experienced a mass-amnesia disaster and Jackson starts freely exploring his romantic options as a bachelor.

A brief note here apologizing for the unannounced haitus the past couple weeks. There were Life Things including Big Decisions and it was all a bit overwhelming but I’m getting back into the swing of things. But now, onward to the recap!

SG-1 arrives in a warehouse full of old and covered artifacts. They are discovered by Orner and Mayris who inform the team of the Vorlix, a mass-amnesia event that happened a year ago. Orner and Mayris take SG-1 to Kira, a woman who has been a great help in re-establishing society after the Vorlix. Kira is a great medical practitioner and has spent her free time combing through old diaries in an attempt to figure out the Vorlix and the science behind it. She takes SG-1 to the library where she does so where she gets close with Jackson. As Jackson and Kira flirt, Carter hypothesizes that Linea (previously seen in Season 2 Episode 3 “Prisoners”) may be behind the Vorlix. She discovers Linea’s diary as Dr. Fraser arrives with her medical team. Dr. Fraser wants to take a couple volunteers back to Stargate Command for MRIs. Orner, Mayris, and Kira volunteer. At Stargate Command, Dr. Fraser isolates the cause of the amnesia but is having difficulties finding a cure. Meanwhile, Carter discovers that Kira is in fact Linea, Destroyer of Worlds, that they released when they escaped from the prison planet. Under heavy supervision, Kira helps create a cure of the amnesia which is tested on Orner. Kira wants to take the antidote but Jackson informs her that she cannot and reveals her true identity. While Orner and Mayris are cured of their amnesia, Kira¬†attempts suicide to put an end to Linea. Jackson saves her, arguing that Kira is a different person than Linea. Kira is given a smaller dose of the agent that caused the Vorlix, erasing her memory once again. Orner and Mayris take in Kira and bring her back to their planet where she will hopefully remain Kira indefinitely.

Zuul I mean Linea I mean KIRA doing science

And so, one episode after Jackson is officially a widow, he starts a relationship with the first attractive woman he comes across (Kira). He does tell her his story and that he is not really ready for a full-on relationship, and she is respectful of that. But it still bugs me that it happened so soon after Shau’re’s death. It bugs me that he has had similar relationships with other women previously in the series. Shau’re deserved so much better!

This is also the return of Zuul¬†Linea Destroyer of Worlds. Much different than before, being younger and all, but still potentially as destructive. Kira admits that there is another person inside of her that would be really happy to see Jackson die. I am slightly upset the episode didn’t explore that a little bit more. Did Linea semi-emerge because Kira was told about her? Or was it inevitable that Linea would re-emerge once she recovered enough memories? By sending her back with Orner and Mayris, does SG-1 risk setting Linea loose again?

Linea’s modus operandi so far is to start as a good guy and turn into a bad guy in the final act of the episode. I hope she turns up in later episodes. I like her as a villain, and it’s only partly because of her MO.

TBH, I just love that smile.

This episode’s adorable mascot is Orner’s crush on Kira even though he’s obviously supposed to be with Mayris.