I am stretching my writer muscles by writing destination guides for fictional places. The first world tackled is Spira from the video game Final Fantasy X. This week I’m telling you about Macalania, a magical forest bordering a lake of the same name.

After crossing the long and dangerous Thunder Plains, the party arrives at Macalania. Before reaching the lake, servants of Maester Seymour escort Yuna to the temple ahead of her guardians. Shortly after, the Al Bhed attack Yuna and her escorts but are thwarted by Yuna’s guardians. At the Temple, the party realizes that Seymour is not the man he claims to be when he reveals his true motivations. The resulting battle sends the party to the bottom of the lake where they wait until Sin washes them away to parts unknown.

Main characters Yuna (left) and Tidus (right) take a rest after a stressful plot twist.

Macalania has two parts, a forest and a lake. The forest path is winding and dotted with creatures powerful in water and ice magic. It is wise for mages to brush up on fire and lightning magic and for warriors to equip weapons with lightningstrike or firestrike abilities. Ponds of various sizes decorate the edges of the path. Beyond the forest rests Lake Macalania, a lake constantly frozen and home to Macalania Temple. A travel agency stands along the shore of Lake Macalania, a welcoming site for travelers weary from fighting monsters in the forest. At the Temple, summoners acquire Shiva, the ice aeon.

Other than fighting monsters, travelers can find three musicians in the forest which performs for the travelers that unite them. Another fun activity is a butterfly catching game, the prize for which is an item that helps travelers on their journey.

There is a lot of magic at Macalania, particularly in the forest. The water in the ponds are used for recording spheres which can be purchased at Luca. And its proximity to the capital city of Bevelle means there are a myriad of travelers passing through the forest. Macalania Forest is located north of the Thunder Plains and south of the Calm Lands. Macalania Lake is northwest of the forest.

The Temple of Lake Macalania