Season 3 Episode 10 – Shau’re sends a message to Jackson by an episode-long dream sequence.

Synopsis: At least two stargate teams, including SG-1, rescue a corral of captured Abydonians including Kasuf, Jackson’s father-in-law and Shau’re’s father. Amonet and a small guard are there, so Jackson goes to her, killing her guards in the process. Inside Amonet’s tent, she uses the killing hand device on Jackson. Teal’c bursts through and shoots Amonet/Shau’re, killing her. Through the device, Shau’re sends a message to Jackson in the form of a dream sequence. During the sequence, Shau’re is dead by Teal’c and given a proper burial on Abydos. Jackson resigns from Stargate Command, replaced by his research assistant Robert Rothman, whom O’Neill doesn’t like. Shau’re keeps returning in dream visions that keep getting interrupted. Jackson has no choice but to rejoin Stargate Command so he can return to the planet where Shau’re died. Once there, Shau’re tells Jackson that she must find and protect the child of Amonet and Apophos. The child is Hecesis and contains all the knowledge of the Goa’uld because it is the child of two Goa’uld hosts. Amonet stole away the child who is being kept on Kheb. Once the message is delivered, the scene in the tent finishes. Teal’c shoots and kills Amonet/Shau’re. In her dying moments, Shau’re and Jackson admit their love for each other one last time.

I guess this relieves Jackson’s moral dilemma regarding his space harem.

Two things bug me the most about this episode. First, was there not a way to keep Amonet/Shau’re alive to save Jackson? Couldn’t Jackson shoot the hand device with his gun? Couldn’t Teal’c bowl her over or what her hand away from Jackson? I feel as though the team has gotten out of similar scraps with those methods, so why did Shau’re have to die? That character deserved so much better than what she got. I am le disappointed.

Secondly, when Shau’re reveals the child to be on Kheb, Jackson says that Kheb is a myth. This coming from a guy who makes a living finding and unraveling the mysteries of the very myths our civilization is based on. I admit this episode is a very trying time for him, but I would think Jackson would know better than to automatically dismiss anything as “just a myth.”

This episode marks the end of Shau’re and introduces a new arc featuring Shau’re’s child. For two and a half seasons, we’ve been searching for a way to save Shau’re from the Goa’uld. We discovered that Shau’re still lives inside Amonet. We even found technologies that can kill the Goa’uld without killing their hosts. Off the top of my head, I can think of Thor’s Hammer and cryogenic cold sleep from the beginning of this season. Teal’c could have easily overpowered Shau’re and SG-1 could have kept her prisoner until they learned a way to extract Amonet while saving Shau’re.

So yeah, I’m pretty salty Shau’re is dead.

Meanwhile, her child is out there with who knows how many Goa’uld secrets. Will this child be the ultimate Magical Child of Stargate SG-1 the show? We might have to wait another season and a half to find out!

Will forever be salty she did not become one half of a happy married couple.

This episode’s mascot is Shau’re. In memorandum.