Season 3 Episode 9 – SG-1 encounters a training ground for Stargate Command recruits *cough cough* I mean Jaffa in training.

Synopsis: While on a planet, SG-1 discover a battle between an unidentified SG team and a small squad of Jaffa warriors. SG-1 goes into help but are caught off guard when soldiers in SG uniform shoot them with stun bullets. They wake up in the infirmary and are taken to Captain Kyle Rogers who reveals that the encampment is a training ground for infiltrators who will be sent to Earth. They are then led to the armory to retrieve their weapons and gear but find that some of SG-1’s very lethal weapons are in the training exercise which is only supposed to use stun rounds. Teal’c, being the Master Jaffa, orders for an inspection. O’Neill tells the company that Apophos is dead but no one believes him. Carter calls in that some of their weapons are still in the field so SG-1 goes to retrieve them. They find one weapon before encountering Teal’c’s staff weapon. Captain Rogers is injured by it. Worried that he won’t make a full recovery, O’Neill convinces Rogers to come with them through the stargate “to meet Apophos.” Instead they take him to Stargate Command where he is treated and then convinced of Apophos’s death by watching the video of it. Since Rogers spilled first blood, the encampment of trainees will stage a huge battle to the death. Rogers accompanies SG-1 through the gate where they infiltrate the encampment, knocking out as many trainees as they can, and assemble them to show the death of Apophos. Convinced that their god is dead, the trainees are free to return home.

I lost count of the number of fake deaths this show has.

Let’s take a moment to sit on the fact that Apophos had the means to start a training camp in the image of the United States military. And he was going to use it to infiltrate Stargate Command and eventually take over Earth.

Rogers reveals that the training camp started shortly after Apophos’s defeat at the beginning of season 2 which also coincided with the disappearance of SG-11. SG-11 was not labeled as missing to my memory around that time. Then again, the other SG teams aren’t mentioned at all unless there is unexplained stargate activity at SGC. Even so, I feel like someone like a missing Stargate team is enough to comment on. Though I do understand that not every episodic venture will be foreshadowed. Ah, well.

This is the third episode in a row where the team had already gated to a planet and SG-1 was nowhere near the gate when the narrative starts. Anyone else thinking maybe their budget no longer allowed them to carry the stargate to the different locations? Or is that just me? Or maybe they were granted permission to film on location and the previous episodes where they start at the gate was actually filmed in a studio. I wouldn’t know, but it’s fun to speculate how production issues affect the narrative of a show. Maybe I should start watching special features for this show (if they exist).

Finally, none of the recruits recognized Teal’c as a traitor to Apophos.┬áIt’s possible none of the recruits came from a planet where Teal’c’s face would be recognized. But if they all came from worlds of Apophos, you would think they would have.

Who actually likes tuna sandwiches anyway?

This episode’s adorable mascot is O’Neill’s infamous Tuna Torture.