Season 3 Episode 8 – The team encounter a very Christian village plagued by an Unas from Sokar. Teal’c gets the worst bath ever and Jackson does not capture the affections of the vulnerable young woman.

Synopsis: On a random planet, SG-1 walks into a village to see everyone run and hide. They find a vulnerable young woman chained to a post and release her. They are then greeted by a man named Simon who teaches them that Mary (the vulnerable young woman) is sick with a demon. In his house, Carter diagnoses the illness as chicken pox and O’Neill assures her that she’ll be okay in a couple days. Then an Unas walks into the village (heralded by a horn) and demands five souls the next morning or else he will capture many more people for sacrifice. SG-1 has an unpleasant encounter with the Canon, the spiritual leader of the village. He uses a ring to call forth a bolt of lightning from the sky which the team deduces to be a giant version of the Zat’niki’tel. Teal’c is subjected to a series to tests to prove if his soul is pure and ultimately ends up in the bottom of a lake. His body is placed on a dias and washed by ladies of the church. The rest of SG-1, meanwhile, are free to go but the team aren’t done yet. Teal’c wakes up to everyone’s surprise and the Canon calls them all demons and has them chained to the posts in the village as the sacrifices the next morning. Mary is chained up too because why not her sickness. In the morning, the Unas takes their chains and leads them out of the village. SG-1 plus Mary escape by tumbling down a hill and running into the forest. The Unas pursues them and meets the team the same time Simon does. Simon has their gear and uses Teal’c staff to injure the Unas. He runs away, leaving the staff to the team who use it to free themselves. Simon encounters the Canon and they have a close encounter with the Unas which does not go well. Teal’c and O’Neill arrive as Simon wakes up from the encounter and the Canon says the Unas just died. The four of them meet Carter, Mary, and Jackson at the stargate. Carter sense the Goa’uld in the Canon and O’Neill shoots him without much consideration. Simon and Mary promise to bury the gate as soon as SG-1 leave behind it.

Teal’c on the way to the worst bath ever.

This feels like a call-back to the first season where a lot of the episodes were about old religions and people thinking SG-1 are gods. Except now they’re demons and the townsfolk won’t believe otherwise. Which I guess is more interesting than my proposed alternative which is the people don’t believe that they are gods. I mean, now they have to fight against a whole village without using violence instead of convince the whole village that humans use the stargate too. SG-1 still overthrows a society, though. At least the show kept that.

I am slightly disappointed that we have yet to meet a Goa’uld claiming himself to be Jesus. I also acknowledge that the number of Christians who refuse to associate their religion with the mythological pantheons of yore is astounding and probably making up a large viewership of this show. Therefore, the show is taking the safe route by not introducing a Goa’uld as Jesus. Because acknowledging Jesus as a false god would have resulted in a national scandal or something. Sigh.

Teal’c pulls a Jackson and only pretends to die a for a few minutes. He survives by entering Kel’no’ream which we were introduced to in the Season 2 episode “Holiday.” I had a feeling he would survive. For one, plot armor. For two, if they’re going to kill off a main character, it’s going to be at a pivotal point in the season, like a finale or the mid-season two-parter. We’re close to the mid-season two-parter, but not there yet.

The moment I saw Mary chained to the post, I wondered if she was going to automatically fall for Jackson, which is the way these things happen. I guess she was promised to Simon or something since they seemed to have a close relationship throughout the episode. Or if she wasn’t in this episode, she probably will be in the near future.

Is this show where the mpreg fanfiction trope comes from?

This episode’s adorable mascot is O’Neill yelling at Teal’c stomach. I know it’s to Junior, but Teal’c in a constant state of mpreg will never be without its moments.