Season 3 Episode 6 – SG-1 helps some friends from an alternate reality and Teal’c technically commits suicide . . . kind of.

Synopsis: The reality mirror from the end of season 1 is in storage when it’s activated by a Dr. Carter and Major Kowalski from another reality. When they cross, they are picked up by the authorities and taken to Cheyenne Mountain where they explain the Goa’uld have taken over their world and they seek asylum in this reality. It is granted until Dr. Carter starts to experience temporal convulsions because (in the biggest disappointment of the season) two Carter’s cannot geek out in the same reality. SG-1 decide that they should contact the Asgard of the alternate reality to help fight the Goa’uld invasion. The only way to contact the Asgard would be sending someone through the stargate with the help of O’Neill’s extra battery from Season 2. The Carters figure out how to make it work again and Major Carter downloads the dialing program into an external hard drive. The team that goes through the mirror include Dr. Carter, Kowalski, O’Neill, Jackson, and Teal’c disguised as the First Prime of Apophos. Kowalski and O’Neill hook up the battery, Jackson attempts to refind their original reality with the mirror after it was shut down. Teal’c encounters his alternate self and kills him. He and Dr. Carter rescue the General Hammond of the alternate reality. Dr. Carter loads the dialing program and jumps through the stargate as Apophos captures Teal’c and Hammond. Jackson, O’Neill, and Kowalski were also captured in the meantime. As Apophos questions where Dr. Carter was sent, the Asgard show up and save the day.

Somewhere there is a list of every single unfortunate circumstance Jackson finds himself in.


O’Neill and Carter of the alternate reality were an item. This is the second reality that’s a thing. I have a feeling the show is going to pair them together but I am adamantly against this on the grounds that the only female member of the team should not be a romantic interest to the main character. Also, it was super awkward the whole time. O’Neill never denies having feelings for Major Carter (ugh) but neither does he express any attraction to her either.

Teal’c looks really handsome in his First Prime armor. I think it’s the sleeves, but it may also be the tiny tuft of hair on his chin. More Teal’c with hair, please.

This is the second interaction with an alternate reality we have. The first was “There but For the Grace of God” in season 1, which is still one of my favorite episodes this entire show. Will we get to see more alternate realities? Probably. They come with the territory of astrophysics which this show semi dabbles with. Anything relating to alternate realities seems to be tied to the Goa’uld invasion SG-1 prevented at the finale of Season 1. I wonder if we’re going to see more alternate reality episodes (despite Hammond ordering the reality mirror to be destroyed in ours). If we do, are they all going to center around the Goa’uld invasion? What if another alternate reality had a different galactic dictatorship? What if another alternate reality hadn’t shut down the stargate program in 1945? What if . . . like the Carters said, the possibilities are infinite.

This show seems to have hit its stride. O’Neill is still getting main character treatment, but his colleagues in SG-1 are no longer sidelined for him. This episode had a focus on Dr. Carter, which CAN count for a focus on Major Carter (arguably) but I’m not counting it. I want more of the Major Carter we see every episode. At least we know what she looks like with long hair.

❤ ❤ ❤ science twins ❤ ❤ ❤ 

This episode’s adorable mascot is the two Carters geeking out over science. It wasn’t enough to satiate me, and it shouldn’t have been enough to satiate you!