Season 3 Episode 4 – Machello retroactively returns and it makes everyone Schizophrenic levels of crazy.

Synopsis: SG-1 discovers a room of nine dead Goa’uld leaders who have been decomposing for about six months. Jackson picks up the page-turner device for a Goa’uld tablet and is infected by a small organism unbeknownst to everyone including Jackson. Upon returning to Stargate Command, Jackson starts to hear voices and see hallucinations. His condition escalates until he is taken to a mental hospital where he is given his own padded white room. He attempts to attack an image that is not there and is grabbed by Teal’c. Jackson notices an organism exit him and enter Teal’c and feels fine after the ordeal. The next time the doctors bring him medications, he asks them to contact the SGC to make sure Teal’c is okay; if not, Jackson gets to speak with Colonel O’Neill. Of course, Teal’c is sick with a dying symbiote, and O’Neill goes to Jackson. Jackson reveals that the organism is an invention of Machello whom he had a vision of when the organism left. He goes back to the SGC where they locate an item from Machello’s database that resembles a Goa’uld page-turning device. They have one sent over from Area 51. In a science experiment, Carter, O’Neill, and Dr. Fraser are infected but Carter is the only one who doesn’t get schizophrenic symptoms. They realize that the protein marker left behind by Jolinar makes the organisms leave on their own. Locked in a lab and with Fraser to guide her, Carter withdraws her blood, separates the red blood cells, and injects the proteins into Fraser and O’Neill. It works and the organisms die. They inject another sample of Carter’s blood into Teal’c, which saves him.

Poor Jackson can’t even get a proper hug.

Finally, another episode that focuses on a member of SG-1 that is not Colonel O’Neill. O’Neill is great, but I felt he got some special treatment in season 2 of Stargate SG-1 and it took away the spotlight from his fellow teammates, who are subjectively more interesting¬†in my opinion. Leader of the Alpha Team is all well and good, but I’m more partial to Turncoat Enemy, Badass Scientist, and Semi-Bumbling Academic.

We also get more of the Jackson/O’Neill friendship in this episode. I feel as though they need to be arguing more in the series. Can we have more arguments between Jackson and O’Neill in every other episode that doesn’t bring them closer as friends? I’d love to see more of them with the Outward-Hate-But-Secretly-I-Love-You-Platonically dynamic.

Jackson’s temporary schizophrenia is underscored by the musical score of the episode, which was the most grating thing that ever played in the background of a Stargate episode. Yes, it underlines the creepiness of Jackson’s hallucinations, but it could have been more gentle on the ears. Just saying.

There is also a bullshit moment when Dr. Faser and O’Neill are rolling on the ground with hallucinations. Jackson points out that O’Neill also had a Goa’uld in him but Carter says the Goa’uld died after leaving O’Neill. First of all, how does she know that? Second of all, I don’t think that’s true. I don’t remember seeing a little Goa’uld corpse when Carter and the Tok’ra Reilly revive O’Neill from cryostasis in “Into the Fire.” I think the writers want Carter to be the only person with magical Goa’uld abilities. Seems like a military disadvantage to me.

Just imagine the biochemical hallucinations. Imagine and be terrified.

This episode’s adorable mascot is schizophrenic Dr. Fraser who can still science.