I am stretching my writer muscles by writing destination guides for fictional places. The first world tackled is Spira from Final Fantasy X. This week I’m telling you about Spira’s entertainment capitol Luca.

The blitzball stadium as seen from the sea. Pictured is the main character Tidus.

Tidus enters Luca in hopes of finding someone who might recognize him. Before he can search on his own, he helps the Besaid Aurochs with the blitzball tournament. Things go awry shortly after arriving, however, as Yuna is kidnapped by the Al Bhed before the first game begins. Tidus and the guardians Lulu and Kimahri rescue the summoner before the game finishes.

With Yuna safe and the Auroch’s first victory secure, Tidus finally joins the game. As soon as the game finishes, however, the city is attacked by fiends. In the kerfuffle that follows, Tidus reunites with Auron, and the two officially become guardians of Yuna.

Luca is the second largest city in Spira, located at the southernmost tip of the continent. Home to the only entertainment in all the land, Yevon takes pains to protect Luca from Sin and other fiends for the sake of the peoples’ morale The stadium for blitzball, Spira’s national past time, is on the edge of the sea. The Luca Goers, the blitzball team representing Luca, are regular champions in the tournaments. Located more inland is the sphere theater, where visitors record images and sounds to spheres and play them back in a theater setting.

Luca can be accessed by one of three ways: boat, airship, or on foot. The docks are to the south, located below the blitzball stadium which requires a lot of water. To the north, the Mi’hen Highroad connects Luca with the Temple of Djose. Those who can afford to do so can ride chocobos through the highroad instead of walking. Airships can come and go as they please from any direction, though because they are not common transport through Spira, Luca may not have many locations to dock airships for extended periods.

In the game, Luca serves as a turning point in Tidus’s story. After the tournament, Tidus reunites with his childhood mentor Auron. Auron served as a Guardian for Yuna’s father, and she asks him to be hers as well. His only condition is Tidus join them. Yuna agrees, and the party continues their pilgrimage.

Auron squares off against a fiend.

World building points:

– Spira’s government is a theocracy run by the church of Yevon. Four Grand Maesters are the heads of government and perform duties such as judging criminals and upholding laws. Yevon’s teachings say that the monster Sin is a physical manifestation of humanity’s sins and can only truly disappear if everyone atones. Use of machines called machina, except in certain circumstances, is forbidden.

– The Al Bhed is a sub-culture of humans who defy the teachings of Yevon by salvaging and repairing old machines. Throughout the game, they attempt to kidnap summoners as a way to “save” them from their fate. Because they speak a different language, they are often difficult to work with. However, primers can be found throughout Spira, so it becomes easier to understand the Al Bhed when you interact with them.

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