Season 3 Episode 3 – Stargate Command hosts their first intergalactic summit to negotiate a peace treaty.

Synopsis: We start with a ceremony commemorating the stargate teams’ valiant effort in rescuing SG-1 at the beginning of the season. During which, Captain Carter is promoted to Major Carter. Colonel O’Neill is about to say a few words when he’s beamed to an Asgardian ship in Earth orbit. He meets Thor who tells him the Asgard are negotiating a treaty with three Goa’uld System Lords and Earth is going to play host because the treaty will protect Earth from Goa’uld invasion. O’Neill, the most diplomatic person on the show, will be the representative of Earth. O’Neill returns to Stargate Command with information on the visiting Goa’uld and their involvement in Earth history. One of which is Chronus with whom Chronus has a personal vendetta. The other two are Nirrti and Yu. Stargate Command receives the System Lords cordially with Jackson seeing to their “petty needs.” O’Neill botches the first meeting of the summit by speaking out of turn. The negotiations are not going smoothly, and O’Neill is unable to persuade Thor to give instructions. Then Chronus and Teal’c are both severely injured in Chronus’s chambers. To uncover the mastermind behind the attack, O’Neill bluffs information out of Nirrti and Yu. Nirrti is the one with phasing technology capable of the attack, and she attempts to escape when she’s found out. The episode ends with the finalization of the treaty’s finer points.

The Goa’uld diplomats that arrive on Earth.

This is the second Earth-focused episode in a row. Perhaps the Earth location from “Seth” sucked up some budget? No? I actually can’t say, I’m not researching production notes for this project.

Despite O’Neill’s distaste for being a diplomat, it is no surprise that he was chosen to represent Earth. As the leader of one of the more prominent stargate teams, it’s no surprise he’s started accruing a reputation among the stars. I wonder what sort of reputation the other members of his team have. Teal’c is a traitor among the Goa’uld, but is he a hero among Goa’uld conquered worlds? Do the ladies of the universe collectively dream of marrying Jackson? Is Carter a known scientist and/or scholar?

This episode also reveals more politics on the intergalactic level. Nirrti and Yu are both Goa’ulds who have been on Earth but in India and China respectively. Which means the Goa’uld reign was not limited to western civilization which means it took two seasons to finally introduce non-Western ancient religion. Additionally, we learn that the Asgard and Goa’uld System Lords speak the language of treaties. Though Asgardian technology surpasses that of the Goa’ulds, Thor admits to dealing with an even bigger threat even more powerful than the Goa’uld in his home galaxy. This worries O’Neill but is not the focus of the immediate problem.

At some point in the episode, Teal’c confides to Jackson about his beef with Chronus which is then shared after the attack. There is a funny bit where O’Neill asks the sky why Teal’c doesn’t tell anybody anything. It made me smile.

There’s always one person who loses control under diplomatic pressure.

This episode’s adorable mascot is Teal’c refusing to give up his spear like he suddenly turned into a toddler.