Over on my travel blog, I started a project I never finished: destination guides for fictional worlds where travel plays an integral part of the story. I no longer write for my travel blog for reasons I will not detail here, but I do write about pop culture on a semi-regular basis. Therefore, I moved the project to this blog where I can queue up a series of posts to keep my readers busy as I take a three-week long road trip. Speaking of road trips, the first creative work featured in this project is Final Fantasy X.

Ten years ago, Blitzball superstar Jecht disappeared, leaving behind a wife and son, Tidus. Since then, Tidus* became a star Blitzball player himself in defiance of his father who constantly put him down. On the night of a major tournament, the stadium is attacked by a giant monster called Sin. Tidus is swept away by Sin and finds himself a thousand years in the future.

Ten years ago, Yuna’s father defeated Sin and brought a Calm that lasted ten years. Now that Sin has returned, she becomes a Summoner and begins a pilgrimage to defeat Sin like her father before her. With her heart on her faith and her friends at her back, she is determined to see her dream through.

Yuna and Tidus team up, and their individual stories will have a greater impact on Spira than either of them anticipated.

Final Fantasy X is a video game originally released in 2001 for the Playstation 2 gaming console. It won the hearts of fans and critics alike and has maintained its popularity years after its release. Final Fantasy X pioneered several facets of the Final Fantasy franchise, most notably facial expressions, voice acting for the characters and a world aesthetic inspired by East Asian cultures. A remastered version of Final Fantasy X and its sequel Final Fantasy X-2 was released in March 2014 for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita consoles. Those who pre-ordered the game (like me) received an illustration booklet with the HD Remaster edition, so now I have a fancy illustration booklet that lets me marvel at the artwork that went into the development of this fantastic game.

Since travel plays an integral part of Final Fantasy X, I decided to write destination guides for my favorite locations in Spira, the world of the game. I hope you have fun learning more about this fictional world and possibly inspiring you to play the game yourself. I promise you’ll fall in love with it.

Summoner Yuna at Kilika Island

* The game takes great pains to avoid saying the name of the main character so players have the option to rename him without fuss. One of these days, I will name him something embarrassing or inappropriate and I will spend the entire game giggling at my decision