Season 2 Episode 22 (finale) – The season finale is the recap episode. :\

Synopsis: We start, not in the gate room, but with unfamiliar people reviving Colonel O’Neill from cryogenic sleep. They reveal themselves to be Stargate Command in the year 2077 and the rest of SG-1 is dead. The scientists want to ask O’Neill what happened on his last mission. O’Neill requests a walk around the base first before he’s attached to a memory device that projects memories on a holographic screen. These memories are excerpts from previous episodes that reveal the current state of the Goa’uld System Lords as known by Stargate Command. When O’Neill has had enough, he’s sedated so he’s able to rest. Cut to another room where Jackson is revived and given the same story. O’Neill, who has seemed suspicious of everyone until now, pinched the flow of his drugs so he’s able to sneak away when no one is looking. While he sneaks, he finds Carter. Then they find Jackson. Back on Earth, Teal’c wakes up after being unconscious for three weeks. General Hammond is unwilling to send a team to find SG-1 so Teal’c resigns from Stargate Command and returns to Chulak. On the mysterious planet, the rest of SG-1 explores the surrounding area, which is a mixture of the Stargate Command base and Goa’uld architecture, and find themselves in the embarkation chamber which has a fake stargate. There, Hathor reveals herself and toys with SG-1 by announcing that one of them will be host to a Goa’uld symbiote that has recently matured.

If this device works with memories, does it also work with dreams?

Despite being the recap episode, there is enough plot to keep this episode entertaining. Of course it ends on a cliffhanger. We want those viewers to come back for next season, don’t we? Personally, I prefer a season to have a clean ending with no cliffhanger. But such is the way of television at the time. Even Star Trek: The Next Generation, one of the most episodic television shows ever, had cliffhanger season finales.

O’Neill seems the only member of SG-1 to be automatically suspicious of the people taking care of him. Before his interrogation begins, he asks to walk around the facility to “get his bearings.” And he pinches his IV tube so he can sneak around unsupervised. It irks me that neither Jackson nor Carter thought to do the same thing. This continues the subtle trend of O’Neill As Main Character that started in season 2. I’ve commented on that before and will provide more thoughts in the season wrap up.

Finally, there is the return of Hathor! Her previous encounter with SG-1 was recapped in this episode. Perhaps she’ll start to become a feared Goa’uld System Lord like Apophos or Hur’ur. Except she willingly captured SG-1 so we know that means doom for her. She ends the episode with the threat of implanting someone in SG-1 with a Goa’uld symbiote. It would have more effect if the main characters didn’t have plot armor. Jackson has died how many times now? And Carter was possessed and returned to (mostly) normal. And with O’Neill as a Main Character, he’s definitely going to make it out in tact.

In terms of season finales, this felt underwhelming. At least season 1 ended with a bang.

Television needs more queer women.

This episode’s adorable mascot is that tiny ship-able moment between Carter and Hathor.