Season 2 Episode 19 – Episode would have been cuter if the aliens were replaced with kawaii CGI creatures. Just saying.

Synopsis: SG-1 sends an unmanned areal vehicle to a planet dotted by odd white plants. The UAV goes awry and crash lands into one of the plants ten miles from the stargate and then is dragged away by a member of the local population. SG-1 goes to retrieve the UAV but, while visiting with the locals, the aliens start to get sick. Difficulties ensue when SG-1 learns the aliens don’t communicate like humans and members of the team start to get the same type of illness. Dr. Frasier takes an alien back to Stargate Command for study but the alien’s condition only gets worse. It’s when Jackson and O’Neill have an argument at stargate command that they realize the source of the illness is a high frequency noise emitted by the strange white plants on the planet. SG-1 returns the alien to his home planet and sets up a high frequency emitter to assist the aliens in healing until things are back to normal on their planet.

Scene made more heart-wrenching if alien replaced by kawaii CGI creature. Think about it.

Is it just me or did this episode feel like an episode of Star Trek? It was the focus on helping alien lifeforms that gave me that feeling. Granted, I don’t think Star Trek would have had two characters duke it out like Jackson and O’Neill. Then again, any disagreements in Star Trek disappear in the next episode whereas Jackson and O’Neill had a rocky relationship from the beginning of season 1.

Speaking of, I like the further exploration of Jackson and O’Neill. I think the show needs more of their “I don’t agree with you on most points but I trust you to have my back” relationship. Actually, I’m looking for more tender moments between Jackson and O’Neill to help balance their constant disagreements. I’m thinking about the end of “Need” from earlier this season and their interactions in “The Fifth Race.” Season 1 didn’t explore the relationship between Jackson and O’Neill as much as season 2. Here’s hoping the coming season 3 will take things to the next level.

In terms of this episode’s major problem, I like the different variables that could be contributing factors: Carter’s blood when she’s cut by a knife and Jackson’s sneezes as a result of allergies down to their mere presence. Carter expresses surprise at going this long with space exploration without spreading some type of microbial disease to another planet. But really, would we really know if a microbial disease got a planet? What if the microbes needed time to evolve to the other planet’s ecology? What if the Land of Light introduced in season 1 episode 4 (“The Boca Divide”) suddenly becomes a hellscape of sickness and disease? Can we get an episode like that? That would be fun.

Overall, though, there wasn’t much action in this episode. And it’s close enough to the end of the season that my prevailing emotion while watching was impatience. I’m looking forward to another episode that advances the plot.

Bonus points for the adorable moment at the end when Carter admits to talking to her plants. All together now: d’aww.

He’s cute, but a kawaii CGI critter would have been cuter.

This episode’s adorable mascot is this little guy. I call him Tupac. If he has another name, I don’t remember the episode saying such.