Season 2 Episode 18 – Apophos is right there. RIGHT THERE. What do they do? Nothing, really.

Synopsis: SG-1 is lounging around a stargate on an alien planet, the location of which was sent to them over the radio. A rogue deathglider crashes near them, piloted by Apophos who is gravely injured and demands help. SG-1 takes him to Stargate Command where Apophos is treated for his injuries. O’Neill and Jackson have a shot at interrogating Apophos, revealing that Apophos was attacked by a Goa’uld named Sokar who was the original god of death in ancient Egypt. Sokar probably used Unas as hosts, which are lizard-like aliens from their home planet. Marsouf from the Tok’ra arrives and asks Stargate Command to return Apophos to where they found him or they risk the wrath of Sokar. Sokar attempts to attack through the stargate but is met by the iris which holds up until a quantum particle beam threatens to melt the iris. Orders from the president advise to cease all medical treatment of Apophos and return him to Sokar. Upon Apophos’s death, his host reemerges and Jackson assures him that funerary rights will be performed and his soul will return to Egypt. Carter manages to open an outgoing wormhole in the stargate and Teal’c sends Apophos’s body back to the planet they found him. Sokar ceases his attack on Stargate Command as a result. Marsouf gives Stargate Command a Tollan communication device which they can use to contact the Tok’ra. And Stargate Command gives Marsouf a transmitter that will allow Stargate Command to open the iris.

Slightly surprised by the amount of kindness shown this guy.

An episode where Apophos is in the grasp of Stargate Command and yet Apophos reveals nothing by himself but SG-1 is able to decipher the current state of the goa’uld System Lords. Apophos grew weak after SG-1 defeated him at the season premiere. A war broke out between Sokar and Heru’ur, whom we met earlier, and Apophos must have gotten himself involved, which explains why he was captured and tortured. Sokar is one of the most powerful System Lords in the galaxy, and SG-1 may or may not have gotten in over their heads by attracting his attention.This remains to be seen, probably in a later season.

I am disappointed that Carter didn’t get a chance to interrogate Apophos. She has two attempts, one in which Apophos is in too much pain to get any information, and another where Apophos completely redirects the interrogation. I say sexist writing, but unintentionally so? I mean, even Teal’c got his chance to gloat to Apophos. Carter is the only one that didn’t get a chance. So frustrating.

Other than revealing the current galactic state of affairs and not really using Apophos to his full potential (where is Shau’re/Amonet now? Who are the other System Lords vying for power? Where is Skaara and his host?), this episode didn’t really do much. It did reveal that the Tok’ra are friends with the Tollans whom we met in season 1. Though what happened with the Tollans after being taken to the Nox is still a mystery.

It must be so terrifying, to know you’re probably going to be revived and tortured again.

This episode’s adorable mascot is Apopho’s host. Poor guy.