Season 2 Episode 17 – Mandatory body switch episode.

Synopsis: SG-1 comes across the hideout of a man named Monchello who uses a device to switch bodies with Jackson. Naturally, no one realizes the switch happened when it happened. They take the weakened body of Monchello back to Stargate Command. Dr. Frasier okays Jackson to go home, but he doesn’t go home and instead befriends a beggar on the street. At SGC, after realizing the old body of Monchello is actually Jackson, they go to retrieve the machine only to have Teal’c and O’Neill switch bodies as they lift it. They return in a huff. The local police officers arrest Monchello in Jackson’s body and bring him back to SGC where he is questioned as to the nature of his collection of machines, particularly a database on a tablet Carter picked up. Monchello talks with Jackson and determines that he should switch bodies and reveals that the machine can only switch two people once. Carter comes up with a pattern to get everyone back in their own bodies. Once everyone is back to normal, Monchello’s body with Monchello inside peacefully passes away.

Strange things happen when you mess with technology you don’t understand.

The best part about this episode is Christopher Judge’s expressiveness as O’Neill. It was super amusing to see the fluidity of emotions. And Judge’s voice lost its deep timbre while playing O’Neill. Contrarily, Richard Dean Anderson didn’t play a very good Teal’c. The cadence and intonations of his lines didn’t match those of Teal’c and it was painfully obvious that Anderson doesn’t play a good Jaffa. Or maybe he doesn’t mimic a fellow actor very well. Either way, it was distracting.

I’m curious what would have happened if Carter had switched bodies with one of her male colleagues. There might have been some sort of boob joke, but I’m holding out for a period joke. One of those “I never realized it was this uncomfortable. I will never make fun of a woman’s period again” situations. If only if only.

O’Neill has to lead Teal’c’s body through kalno’reem, a state of meditation Teal’c must do whenever his body gets a disease. These guys are supposed to be good friends so O’Neill seems to be led into it pretty easily. He wakes up to find Teal’c attempting to shave his head. There is so much glorious comedy in this episode.

Props to Jackson for getting his body back by arguing that Monchello was no better than a Goa’uld for stealing his body.

We caught a glimpse of what Earth might be like from an alien’s perspective. Of course no one thought to explain currency to Monchello in Jackson’s body. And Jackson’s identity was probably stolen in the process. Whoops. I hope he got insurance for that!

I ship it.

This episode’s adorable mascot is the bromance of Teal’c and O’Neill.