Season 2 Episode 16: Time literally slowing down one second at a time.

Synopsis: Stargate Command receives a signal from SG-10 but the signal is at a much lower frequency than normal. After speeding up the frequency and determining the source of it, SGC sends a probe through to scout the location. The images are of SG-10 and they’re running from a black hole. The stargate is unable to shut down and the effects of the black hole start passing through the stargate, slowing down time in the facility and eventually increasing the gravity around the stargate. O’Neill shuts down the power in an attempt to force close the stargate but it remains open since it’s drawing power from the black hole. A special ops team comes to take General Hammond to debrief him on what’s happening at the facility since time at SGC is moving a lot slower than the rest of the Earth. SGC is evacuated and, while outside, Carter gets the idea to overload the stargate to send the black hole to another gate. They go back to the facility and plant a bomb which O’Neill and Colonel Cromwell of the Special Forces team set off. Though Cromwell is lost, the bomb is successful.

Stargate SG1 0216 3
Phenomenal cosmic power alters gravity in fun ways

This is perhaps the first episode that leaned more towards science than action. Very Star Trek. I would want to see more of this kind of episodes in the future, but only if people stop complaining about Carter’s scientific babble. She doesn’t even say anything too confusing and her superiors look at each other like they’re looking at the camera in The Office. And I don’t like the idea of scientists being too smart for your average schmuck. Science is too fun to be elitist.

This episode also introduced a part of O’Neill’s past that has been previously mentioned in several episodes. Apparently he was left behind on a mission (believed to be dead) and spent four months in an Iraqi prison. I suppose it’s better than a year on Mars. It also reintroduces the question “What did Colonel O’Neill do before he was part of the stargate program?”

This was SG-10’s first mission through the stargate and they end up stuck on the event horizon of a black hole. This is the second episode where characters are stuck on a planet because of some celestial event they didn’t screen for. Maybe they should add astronomical scanners to their probes to determine the state of the planet. And maybe they should put more eyes in the sky from Earth so they can locate the planets on their mission queue before determining if it’s safe to visit or not.

Finally, they did overload the stargate and send the effects of the black hole to another stargate, but what about the people from that other stargate? Do we know what’s there? Do we know which stargate the black hole was sent to? Did Stargate Command just sacrifice an entire planet and their¬†civilizations? This feels more and more like an episode of failures.

I suppose the stargate program started out with so much success that this level of failure was bound to happen sooner rather than later.

Also, the iris finally collapsed! It took almost two seasons for it to finally fall, and it did not do so by an enemy of Stargate Command. Which makes the iris super super strong. But I am also rooting for it to fall by unnatural causes. I’m waiting for that “oh shit” moment within Stargate Command. I wonder how long it will take.

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On the annoyingly upbeat side, SG-10 will go down in history as the first people to pass the event horizon of a black hole. 

This episode’s adorable mascot is SG-10, in honor of their brave service in the pursuit of science and exploration.