Season 2 Episode 14 – There is a secret civilian organization using the stargate and it is not associated with the NID. DUN DUN DUN

Synopsis: SG-1 proposes a return to the planet Madrona to study the touchstone, a device that can control the weather, but when they arrive on the planet the locals tell them the touchstone was stolen by people wearing Stargate Command uniforms. SG-1 promises to bring back the touchstone to the uneasy trust of the locals. On Earth, Carter triangulates the location of an energy spike in the stargate to the Nevada desert, so SG-1 takes a trip to Area 51, headquarters of the NID. Colonel Maybourne denies the use of the second stargate. When SG-1 takes a look at the stargate in storage, Carter discovers that it’s made of plastic. Colonel Maybourne has no knowledge of where the real second stargate might be. SG-1 attempts to find it the same way Carter and O’Neill found it: by overloading the stargate’s energy and sending a robot to scout the location. When the robot arrives, however, it is destroyed by an unseen force. But it was enough time for Carter to get a location, so the SG-1 team is off on their first covert mission on Earth soil. They find the real stargate in a crate in a hangar about to be transported to who knows where. The guards have the touchstone, which the team manages to save, but the guards escape through the gate. Jackson is unable to get the location of their destination from the dial home device. SG-1 returns the touchstone to its people, but the episode ends with the question of who else was using the second stargate if it wasn’t Maybourne?

Stargate SG1 0214 1
The solemn leader who is too trusting in my opinion.

Stargate SG-1 continues to introduce homeworld politics into its stories, and this one was super fun.

I kind of wonder why Stargate Command didn’t offer the freezing people of Madrona coats or survival supplies to help them out. I’m pretty sure some people must have died if that blizzard kept up for several days. Will SG-1 help the locals compensate for that loss?

Was kind of hoping someone from SG-1 would follow the mystery guards into the stargate to see where they were going. I understand why they wouldn’t, but it would have been more exciting if they did. The writers could have added a second part to this episode for more intrigue. But we’ve just passed the half-way mark of this season, so I guess that’s left for another day.

This episode references civilian clearance a couple of times. I thought military clearance and civilian clearance were two different things with military clearance being higher up than civilian. I guess I was wrong on that accounts. Or perhaps they’re two separate clearances. The episode wasn’t clear on that and I don’t know enough fun facts about the US military to know it on my own.

Stargate SG1 0214 3
For all we know, he’s making a sarcastic remark via sign language

This episode’s adorable mascot is attack squad hand signals.