Season 2 Episodes 11 and 12: Goa’uld beware, your two greatest enemies are teaming up! Dun dun dun!

Synopsis Part 1: Cater has a vision of where the Tok’ra, the goa’uld resistance, might be. SG-1 goes to the planet and meets up with a swarm of Tok’ra who, unlike their Goa’uld relatives, have a symbiotic relationship with their hosts. They are taken to the High Council of Tok’ra where SG-1 proposes the formation of an alliance. (On the way, O’Neill follows a Tok’ra to his private chambers where he uses a long distance communications sphere. O’Neill files it away for future use.) The Tok’ra ask what Earth can provide to the Tok’ra and SG-1 comes up short. The alliance is denied because no one on SG-1 wants to be host to Selmak, a Tok’ra in a dying host. On Earth, General Carter’s cancer gets worse and Hammond sends SG-3 to bring back his daughter Captain Carter. The Tok’ra do not allow either SG-1 or SG-3 to leave, so the stargate teams are prisoners until the Tok’ra move on to another planet.

Stargate SG1 0211 1
And if we’re not [the Tok’ra]? “Well, I guess we all start shooting. There’s blood, death, hard feelings. It’d suck.”
Synopsis Part 2: Carter proposes her father as a host for Selmak and asks to leave for Earth so they may retrieve him. Carter and O’Neill alone are allowed back, the rest of SG-1 and SG-3 staying behind as collateral. O’Neill and Carter debrief Hammond on the situation and convince him to trust the Tok’ra. Then they go to General Carter who isn’t doing so well. Carter reveals what she actually does and her current mission with the Tok’ra. General Carter agrees to be a host. They take him through the gate back to the Tok’ra hideout which is evacuating. The Goa’uld have spotted their new base and sent motherships to destroy them. The remaining SG teams, though free, agree to help with the evacuation. As General Carter and Selmak go back and forth regarding this host thing, O’Neill helps the head Tok’ra uncover the spy in their midst. Once General Carter and Selmak start their blending, the Goa’uld are almost upon the base. Carter and the Tok’ra Marsouf stay behind until General Carter/Selmak are conscious again. They escape back to Earth in the nick of time. On Earth, the Tok’ra agree to an alliance and are given a box with the stargate symbol for Earth as a gift. General Carter walks with the Tok’ra to their new planet as a liaison between Earth and the Tok’ra.

Stargate SG1 0212 1
Most awkward kissing scene ever.

At last, Stargate Command starts to make headway on building defenses for the Goa’uld System Lords. An alliance with the Tok’ra isn’t a mutually beneficial relationship; it comes with conditions borne of the philosophy “we’ll scratch your backs if you scratch ours.” Stargate Command to provide hosts for the Tok’ra, which may eventually mean that Earth and the Tok’ra will team up and become a single force in the war against the Goa’uld System Lords instead of just two individual forces with a similar cause.

I love how the Tok’ra get angry every time they’re called a goa’uld. There is a difference of principle between the two despite being the same species. Similar to how there’s different nations on Earth. Or different organizations within the same government (looking at you NID).

This is the second (and third) episode featuring Carter’s daddy issues. Though they seemed to be resolved quickly, remember that everyone else’s family issues are tackled one episode at a time, from the death of O’Neill’s son to the rescue of Teal’c’s to the constant search for Jackson’s wife–every has issues. Carter’s issues are resolved by making her father a liaison between the Earth and the people of the Tok’ra.

Carter might have a potential love interest in Marsouf because Jolinar and Marsouf were a couple. I really hope he comes back. It would be cool for her to have an alien love interest who eventually retires to Earth and is the sole caretaker of Carter’s children. But I’m probably getting ahead of myself here.

The Tok’ra can be a handy resource against the Goa’uld. Earthlings teaming up with Tok’ra will hopefully become a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps it can be used as a jumping off point to get to know the races with the more advanced technologies. Or because of their focus on wartime efforts, they might scare away the other civilizations.

Stargate SG1 0212 2
And then they laughed until they each succumbed to their individual illnesses.

This episode’s adorable mascot is Saroosh, former host of Selmak and everyone’s new grandma.