Season 2 Episode 10 – One of the writers read Kakfa and well, this happened.

Synopsis: SG-1 starts exploring a deserted city but quickly comes across a giant bug that freaks everyone out. It lands on and stings Teal’c and then SG-1 is chased from the planet by a swarm of giant bugs. The sting, however, starts changing Teal’c in a way that’s over Dr. Frasier’s head. So Carter calls in an old friend of hers from the Pentagon who studies this sort of stuff except he brings Colonel Maybourne of the NID. Maybourne wants Teal’c to change so he has him transported. Before they could leave Colorado, Teal’c overpowers his captors and escapes into the wilderness. He comes across a bunch of teenagers hanging out in an abandoned warehouse area and goes to find a cool, dark place to metamorphosize. He befriends a little girl named Allie who helps him hide from Maybourne’s search party. When they clear, Teal’c has her call Stargate Command to send a message to Colonel O’Neill. SG-1 appears with the cure and brings him back to Cheyenne Mountain to heal. Teal’c returns to Allie at the abandoned warehouse area with a bigger, better water gun and plays with her.

Stargate SG1 0210 1
Not your common garden-variety mosquito

Teal’c made a little friend, y’all. It’s so cute!

I have been wondering for a while why Stargate Command is so hostile towards the NID, barring the NID’s interference with missions and stuff. Maybourne, I believe, starts to make a comment about a biological weapon before being interrupted. That’s when it clicked for me. The NID wants to develop weapons, and it’s that obsession with weapons that prevents SG-1 from getting up close and personal with the high tech big wigs across the galaxy. So that’s one question answered.

Allie was a delight this episode. Though it slightly bugs me that she’s introduced with her hair hidden in a hat and then spends the rest of the episode keeping it down. If she had it up in the hat in the first place, wouldn’t she want to keep it up there?

Part of the episode involved Carter wracking her brain to try to save Teal’c goa’uld larvae, which he discards after escaping Maybourne’s transport. She claimed that the goa’uld memories couldn’t be accessed at will, but I wonder if that’s because the goa’uld wouldn’t want to keep other goa’uld alive.

Stargate SG1 0210 3
Her enthusiasm hides her world-weariness and it’s adorable.

The episode’s adorable mascot is Allie.