Season 2 Episode 9 – Politics, secret maneuvers, and a dash of espionage.

Synopsis: It has been one Abydos year since Jackson first left in search of Shau’re, and the people of Abydos have unburied the stargate in anticipation. Jackson and Teal’c leave for Abydos while O’Neill and Carter go to Washington D.C. to get fancy metals to commemorate destroying the goa’uld spaceships at the beginning of the season. On Abydos, Jackson and Teal’c find that Shau’re is already on Abydos and heavily pregnant. She’s conscious because the goa’uld must be dormant for the child to be birthed alive. Teal’c suggests taking Shau’re back to Earth but Jackson is against putting her through the trauma of scientific study. He offers the decision to her and Shau’re agrees to go with Jackson to Earth, except Heru’ur appears to kidnap the child. Jackson and Shau’re go into hiding until the child is born, where Teal’c pretends to be Jaffa to Heru’ur and steals the child while Aphophis’s queen is helpless. Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., Captain Carter is confronted with Daddy Issues, namely her father General Carter’s disappointment that she no longer wants to become an astronaut. And Colonel O’Neill encounters a journalist who already knows about the stargate program, but meets an untimely (albeit convenient) end. Upon returning to Cheyenne Mountain, they go to meet the rest of their team on Abydos only to make it just in time for the climactic battle. They defeat Heru’ur’s Jaffa and hide away when Apophis appears to pick up his queen. She sees SG-1 in the shadows but does not reveal their location.

Stargate SG1 0209 1
Altogether now: “d’awwww”


Though pregnant, and though Shau’re expresses shame for being pregnant, Jackson actually does a pretty nice job of not victim blaming her. He’s shocked at first, which is understandable, but he offers Shau’re the choice of squirreling away the child on Earth. This is much much better treatment of Shau’re than when we saw her last a good season and a half ago. The episode ends with hope that Shau’re will eventually return to Jackson. However, I would not be surprised if she dies at the end of the Jackson-Searches-for-Shau’re arc.

I am slightly disappointed the child did not come with SG-1 back to Earth to have Jackson raise him as his own. He could start a small family for Shau’re to return to. But alas, hiding him with Shau’re’s father on Abydos is also a good choice, I guess. It means Shau’re’s father gets a semblance of family once again since his two children were taken by the goa’uld in the season 1 pilot “Children of the Gods.” It also means the writers don’t have to figure out how Jackson handles fatherhood.

On Earth, though, there are two things of note. One, Captain Carter has Daddy Issues. Daddy (General Carter) wanted to see his little girl become an astronaut, an ambitious dream. It’s disappointing that General Carter cannot know what his daughter has done and continues to do with the stargate program. But that makes the heartbreak ever so sweeter when Captain Carter breaks the news to dear old daddy that she doesn’t want to be an astronaut anymore. The unspoken end of that sentiment is “Why would I want to be an astronaut when I am part of the scouting team for the stargate program?”

Secondly, there is the faintest hint that Major General Hammond maaaybe hired a hit man for a journalist threatening to make the stargate program public. Hammond’s last words of the episode were “It was an accidnet.” But O’Neill’s “yessir” was not convinced of it. Oddly convenient, the death of a journalist. Wouldn’t the Air Force have to kill the journalists’ editor too?

Meanwhile, there’s a mole somewhere in the stargate program and further episodes will probably deal with it getting out to the public. Rest assured, we have probably not seen the last of this!

Stargate SG1 0209 3
They’re going to go out to the desert and make sand castles and mud bricks and whatever else you do while on the run from the goa’uld.

This episode’s adorable mascot is Kasuf, Shau’re’s father, who has a tiny family once again.