Season 2 Episode 8 – Tugging at your heartstrings one family at a time.

Synopsis: Bra’tac arrives through the gate at Stargate Command with news that Apophos has taken Ry’ak, Teal’c’s son. Everyone agrees that it is a trap, but everyone also agrees that they should still rescue the child. Bra’tac guides them to the home of Teal’c’s wife, who now lives in luxury because she remarried Teal’c’s best friend (as you do). They sneak into the temple of Apophos but Ry’ak calls his father “traitor!” and gets away. Apophos gives a State of the Union Address to the people of Chulak starring Ry’ak. Teal’c recognizes a code in Ry’ak’s words for a meeting place the next morning. That evening, Teal’c’s bff sneaks out to turn in the troops but O’Neill sneaks after him. He kills Teal’c’s former bff and returns in the morning with the bad news. The team meets Ry’ak, killing his guards, and bringing him to the stargate. Except O’Neill and Carter agree that this was WAY too easy even though Teal’c has every ounce of faith in his son’s loyalty. They pass through the stargate with narry a scratch and nothing happens immediately after entering Stargate Command, but a medical examination reveals two false teeth in Ry’ak which contained chemicals that could have wiped out life on Earth. Teal’c attempts to deprogram his son but fails. The alternative is electromagnetic shock therapy, but Teal’c suggests using the Goa’uld serpent gun instead. He and Drey’ak do it together. Though Ry’ak was in great pain, he returned to his old self. The episode ends with Teal’c seeing his family off in the Land of the Light.

Stargate SG1 0208 3
I’d like more SG-1 disguising themselves in alien gear please!

Holy plot-based episode, Batman. I don’t mean that this episode furthered the overarching plot (which it kinda did and kinda didn’t) but it was heavy on the plot points and every scene contributing to something. Also, summarizing the episode took maybe twice as long as I would like to for episode synopses.

I want to remind everyone that the Land of the Light is from “The Broca Divide” in season 1. This is not the first time they opened their planet to refugees, having offered their place to the Tollans in “Enigma” (also in season 1). Now it seems their offer also extends to other refugees. I doubt we’ll be hearing the last of the Land of the Light for a while.

Second, Drey’ak’s outfits looked very Steel Magnolia if suburban life in the 1980s also included an ancient Egyptian flair. She even had bangs! Bangs! (Fringe in some parts of the world). I had to remind myself this episode was probably released in 1998. Perhaps ten year-old fashion is as old as the technology on Chulak.

I enjoyed the strong emphasis on Teal’c’s family. I’m glad we are getting to see more and more of them, and I am especially glad this episode had a happy ending. Once Ry’ak was found out in Stargate Command, I wondered if Teal’c’s family would be allowed a happy ending. There was mention that Drey’ak and Ry’ak could stay on Earth but they would be confined to Stargate Command kinda like prisoners. Forehead tattoos are too obvious for Earth living, probably? Also the culture shock. Drey’ak would have to get used to the supermarket and telephones and PTA meetings. Though that would be super interesting to see!

I greatly enjoy Bra’tac as a recurring character. He comes when it’s convenient for him and he seems super chill with the amount of improvisation he requires. He’s probably going to die once this Goa’uld arc comes to a close, so I’m going to enjoy him while I still can.

Bonus points for mentioning Cassandra who was a Goa’uld human bomb and is now the adopted daughter of Dr. Frasier and Captain Carter. I like to think they live together in a big house where Cassie learns all the science and nothing can stop me!

Stargate SG1 0208 2
The only happy family this side of the stargate.

This episode’s adorable mascot is the Teal’c-Drey’ak-Ry’ak family which is need of a family name.