I watched this anime in a single day about three months ago and my poor journal caught the brunt of my disappointment. This is a more coherent essay born from the one I originally wrote.

Synopsis: The Earth is a bit different in the future. Energy is provided by a nonrenewable source called coils who get their energy from Dimension W, a fourth dimension that is somehow not spacetime. Coils are manufactured and regulated by the super conglomerate New Tesla. Unregulated coils, or illegal coils, are hunted by Collectors. Kyoma is a Collector who finds a robot named Mira whose ability to feel emotions differs from other robots. After the death of her creator, Dr. Yurizaki, she joins Kyoma on his hunt for illegal coils.

dimension w title

The opening two episodes introduce the potential for a really cool anime. Think cyberpunk bounty hunters. However,┬áDimension W falls short on so many levels that it’s hard to decide which should be discussed first. But it can all be summarized with a single phrase: Everything is underdeveloped.

I’ll start with Mira, the leading lady, whose potential as a character is completely shot throughout the series. She’s a robot but she’s “different” because she feels emotions and the reason she can is never explained in the narrative. Mira then loses some of her memories and joins with Kyoma to try to gain them back–“follow the illegal coils”–but that is swept under the rug in the next episode. The man she calls her father was working on a big experiment relating to the series finale before he destroys everything to keep it away from New Tesla. In the end, her connection to the events of the finale are lost in favor for Kyoma’s backstory despite having a closer, better connection to them.

Secondly, there is the plot. The show completely skips key plot points. Take Mira’s goal to “follow the illegal coils” which is a concept introduced in the first two episodes. By episode three, that’s completely glossed over because episode three introduces Numbers, which are special coils with superpowers. Forget following illegal coils and hunting down their maker. Pfft! Who needs that?┬áThe first half of the series introduces two other arcs that are resolved much too quickly before moving on to the final arc which takes up a little less than half of the show, so of course its main focus is on Kyoma, the leading dude.

You should not be surprised when I say the side characters got the same underdevelopment. The second-biggest disappointment is Al, a former squadmate from Kyoma’s war days who later becomes an agent for New Tesla. Though Al and Kyoma are more or less rivals (both searching for illegal coils for a living), the show doesn’t know whether they should trust each other by default or completely hate each other. It would be a really interesting relationship to explore, but it never happened.

The biggest disappointment is all the Dead Wives. If you are a married woman, you were dead before episode one and all your screen time comes in overly depressing, nostalgic flashbacks. If you are a married man, your wife is dead, has been dead for years, and you are still emotionally scarred from it.

Does this show have anything going for it? Well, the opening is pretty cool.

This show is recommended to people who want some background noise on the television while they focus on other things.