Season 2 Episode 7 – The episode where Captain Carter is in charge. W00t!

Synopsis: While on a desolate planet resembling the Moon, SG-1 encounter a sphere. They take it back to Stargate Command for research and it starts to turn malicious. When Teal’c and O’Neill are about to toss it back into the stargate, it grows a series of spikes and latches itself in the middle of the embarkation chamber. One spike pierces O’Neill in the shoulder, pining him to the wall. Hammond locks down Stargate Command–nothing coming in and nothing going out–and the entire base goes into research mode led by Captain Carter. Once the sphere starts to infect the computers, Jackson realizes it might be attempting communication. Carter orders the sphere be powered up enough for it to gain sentience, and it manifests in O’Neill still stuck to the wall. SG-1 agrees to send the sphere to a primordial world. So the sphere disengages from its hold on the base and is sent through to a new home.

Stargate SG1 0207 1
Bendy pole or optical illusion?

This is the first (hopefully of many) episodes where Captain Carter is given a position of authority in a crisis. And I love how she performed with a level head. She expressed her doubts, which hint at her being unused to leadership, but she was still marvelous. And she made the right calls every step of the way. (Never mind that you should be realizing that Captain Carter can do no wrong in my book).

We got more whining about not being able to Science Enough by Jackson, which played like a normal occurrence among SG-1. No further comments there.

My second favorite part (after Carter’s leadership role) was the O’Neill/Teal’c bromance. In which Teal’c refused to leave O’Neill’s side while O’Neill was pinned to the wall. Teal’c even cracked a joke to amuse O’Neill! If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love the strong bond between O’Neill and Teal’c. And now that we’re one-and-some seasons into the show, I love that we are seeing more and more instances of their relationship.

There was a small arc with a lieutenant that had a crush on Carter, but it never went anywhere. That lieutenant was even on his deathbed by the end of the episode, and we don’t even know if he survived when the organisms retreated back into the sphere to send everyone to a new world. What happened to poor Lieutenant Harris? The world may never know. He probably died, but he could have also been eternally maimed and honorably discharged from military duty. I’m not ruling anything out.

I wonder if we’ll get an episode from the point of view of a world visited by SG-1. This is how it should go. Act 1 sets up the world and the characters, act 2 introduces SG-1 and the greater problem, act 3 is the gathering of knowledge and the formation of a plan, and act 4 is the execution of the plan which leads to a climax in the plot. And during the denouement, SG-1 leaves and the people of the world are forced to come to terms with the new society they’re going to have to build (because SG-1 is nothing if they’re not tearing down societies as we know it). Bonus points if there are one or two follow-up episodes featuring other SG-teams from Stargate Command.

Stargate SG1 0207 2
the face of the cheeky bastard himself

This week’s adorable mascot is Teal’c cracking a joke with a straight face.