Season 2 Episode 6 – Team SG-1 starts feeling the dire repercussions of their actions in season 1.

Synopsis: The people of Sumeria throw their gift box through the gate to send a message for help. Upon investigation via robot probe, Stargate Command learns that the Goa’uld are invading Sumeria. SG-1 goes to help defend them. They reunite with Gairwyn who shows them where her people hide and tells them of The Hall of Thor’s Might. Gairwyn takes Jackson and Carter to find the Hall of Thor’s Might believing it to be a weapon. Meanwhile, O’Neill, Teal’c, and a Sumerian guide distract the Goa’uld to buy time for this weapon. Once they reach the Hall of Thor’s Might, Gairwyn and co are given two tests to prove their worth. After solving them, they meet Thor Actual who resembles the aliens found at Roswell on Earth. Thor sends back Carter and Jackson because they’re outsiders. Since they turned up empty handed, SG-1 has no choice but to surrender to the Goa’uld. Before they reach the Goa’uld base camp, an Asgardian spaceship appears in the sky and removes the Goa’uld presence from the planet.

Stargate SG1 0206 2
Warrior Bros doing the warrior thing.

This episode is a sequel to season 1’s “Thor’s Hammer.” I hope this is only the start of SG-1 feeling the repercussions for their involvement with other planets. Do other places also have negative effects because of SG-1? I hope the most interesting of those are further explored in later episodes.

Secondly, yet again, we find an episode where SG-1 proves humanity is too immature for advanced technology. Maybe this is why extraterrestrial life stays away from Earth in real life. While it seemed SG-1 had grown somewhat in “Enigma” they took a step backwards here. Jackson clearly tells Thor that they were hoping The Hall of Thor’s Might would hold a weapon. Turns out, it was a test to see if the Sumerians were mature enough to see Thor in his true form. Once Thor realizes Carter and Jackson were from a different planet, they were zapped back to their team.

To relate these two ideas, perhaps SG-1 will never enter a diplomatic relationship with an advanced race. After all, they are known for taking down entire societies in the name of imperialism exploration. I don’t know about you, but I would be terrified of a race known for doing that, even if I could destroy them all with a push of a button. If so, perhaps it’s telling that three-quarters of SG-1 are white and of European decent. Those are the people known for taking over the Earth, after all. (See: British Empire).

Finally, I am going to note Jackson’s sass while solving the riddle in this episode. It seems almost out of character for him, as though O’Neill was part of the team finding the Hall of Thor’s Might and the writer couldn’t part with his fabulous one-liners. So they gave the lines to Jackson.

Bonus points because Jackson says “It’s a good day to die” as he’s the one that dies the majority of the time.

Stargate SG1 0206 4
I wish to see more of Gairwyn in future episodes.

This episode’s adorable mascot is Gairwyn who had a pretty drastic test of faith.