Season 2 Episode 3 – An entire planet a prison.

Brief Summary: While investigating a seemingly uninhabited planet, SG-1 comes across a man who asks for their help. In doing so, SG-1 is sent to trial and sentenced to life in prison on an alien planet. They disrupt the hierarchy of the prison by earning the respect of Linea, a medicine woman who runs the prisoners with fear. Linea has a way to power the stargate with cold fusion in a plant, and SG-1 offers her the chance to escape in exchange for the potion. They do so and bring Linea back to Stargate Command. While sharing knowledge, Linea hacks the system and escapes through the stargate and prevents any stargate team from following suit.

Stargate SG1 0203 1
The team plus the dude that gets them arrested.

We’re back to our old episodic format. It feels like an old friend.

This episode is the first time Major General Hammond steps through the stargate. He finds himself navigating a justice system without any sort of loopholes, and he does it with a lot more tact than a certain subordinate of his. Regardless, Major General Daddy stepping through the gate is a milestone in itself. I wonder if this is a one-time thing or if he will do it more often in future episodes.

The stargate teams seem to be getting individual strengths and/or reputations. SG-3 is used for combat situations. SG-9 is diplomatic. What does that make SG-1? They must be the explorers, the ones who go through the portal first. The ones who can improvise through any situation. They’re the most awesomest ones. I mean, I should hope they are. If another team, say SG-5, took the mantle, I’m sure the show would be renamed Stargate SG-5.

There was a brief mention of rape–the first time since Season 1 Episode 4 “The Broca Divide”–with Carter of course. She and Linea are the only two women on an entire planet. Linea seemed to have earned her seclusion and respect from the others, and I have a feeling it’s from her botanical sciences that she cultivates in her chambers.

Finally, the show continues to poke fun at Jackson by making HIM the one to “mysteriously” defeat the strongest man in the prison. His moment came at feeding time when he allowed his friends to grab the gruel before everyone else.

Stargate SG1 0203 3
Weakling little bookworm doing that thing where he satisfies the desires of weakling little bookworms watching the show.

This episode’s adorable mascot is Jackson, the weakest member of the team who becomes the strongest person in the prison.