Season 2 Episode 1 – The anticlimactic conclusion to season 1’s cliffhanger ending

Brief Summary: After the death of Klorel, the SG-1 team are taken prisoner with their executions happening soon. They’re rescued by Bra’tac, Teal’c’s old teacher, and learn that Bra’tac was the one who put Klorel in a sarcophagus to heal him. Apophis decides to wait until Klorel is healed before launching the attack. On Earth, most major governments have yet to detect the Goa’uld spaceships. The US military launches a missile attack led by Lieutenant Colonel Bert Samuels which fails at the barriers protecting the Goa’uld ships. Stargate Command also sends various people to an Alpha Site for evacuation. As SG-1 escapes the Goa’uld spaceships, their C4 bombs go off, destroying the ships and most of the Jaffa inside. Apophis and Klorel make their escape to return another day, unbeknownst to SG-1.

Stargate SG1 0201 1
Jackson prepping himself to deal with a very bad day.

In terms of season premieres, this one did not feel as big, especially when compared to the pilot. Despite the hullabaloo on Earth, no one outside the highest clearances of the US military (and NASA apparently) knew of the alien threat. While I agree that alerting the general public of an impending alien invasion would be disastrous, I wonder if there were any systems in place that would get people to safety (or presumed safety) just in case. That is a thought for another time, however, as the Goa’uld ships were no longer a threat by the end of the episode.

We also have the second official death of Daniel Jackson. While watching everyone’s backs, Jackson forgets to watch his front and takes a laser blast straight to the chest. With five minutes to spare, he heals himself in a sarcophagus (while the rest of his team saves themselves on his insistence) and uses the gate to get out of dodge. He supposedly gated to the Alpha Site, where evacuees from Earth went just in case the Goa’uld did invade, and then back to Earth. So he was at Stargate Command before everyone else arrived.

Speaking of the end, the show completely glosses over how the team plus Bra’tac manage to get into Space Shuttle Endeavor from their Goa’uld fighters without an airlock. I may be the only person concerned about this, but dammit, I am concerned. Did they have to spend a super brief time in vacuum? Do you know how dangerous that is?

Finally, we have some stirrings of Skaara within Klorel. Though Klorel remains the dominant conscious in that body, Skaara is obviously alive and awake and influential in some degree. Klorel even tries to tell Apophis that the host is strong, but Apophis is all “You’re my son. You do not get weak hosts.” Ultimately alienating Klorel from seeking help from the one person who might have the power to help. This is beneficial to us who want to see Skaara emerge victorious after being possessed by a Goa’uld.

Stargate SG1 0201 3
The best screenshot I could find of Bra’tac’s two students.

This episode’s adorable mascot(s) are Bra’tac’s two students. They don’t have lines or names, but their background presence is appreciated.