This is the recap episode. Le sigh.

Spoilers below the cut.

In the infirmary, Daniel attempts to convince everyone that he was in an alternate reality. He tells them that in that reality, Katherine Langford didn’t retire and runs the stargate program, O’Neill and Hammond had their ranks switched, Carter didn’t join the Air Force and worked as a civilian consultant, and Teal’c was still First Prime for Apophos. SG-1 is skeptical of it except for the coordinates Daniel brought back. They are interrupted by Major General Hammond who announces that Senator Kinsey is holding a hearing to determine the fate of Stargate Command. Except Senator Kinsey is against the program, having been debriefed by Lieutenant Colonel Samuels whom we met in “The Enemy Within,” and is against the program on principle it seems.

Stargate SG1 0120 1
He called it a drain, Colonel!

Before the hearing, however, Hammond makes it clear to O’Neill that despite being in the US President’s good graces, the program is still at risk because of bureaucracy. O’Neill makes it clear to the rest of the team that they’re to use Daniel’s message of an imminent threat as a trump card, both because the message itself spells certain doom that wouldn’t be believed and because of how Daniel acquired it.

And so everyone sits around the table and talks about flashbacks of various episodes where SG-1 got hostile with Goa’uld. Episodes referenced include (in no particular order) “Children of the Gods” “The Enemy Within” “The Boca Divide” “Cold Lazarus” “The Nox” and “Brief Candle.” In the end though, Senator Kinsey decides to shut down the program because, as was pounded into our heads from the beginning, he believes the entire program to be a giant waste of money.

But the most annoying thing about this episode is Senator Kinsey ignoring the military threat posed by the Goa’uld. This is a threat the SG-1 team has yet to confront outside random encounters in the great, wide galaxy. The only two people who know the power of the Goa’uld are Jackson, who witnessed their destruction in the alternate reality and Teal’c, who used to work for them. They fail to convince Senator Kinsey of the threat, and so the program is shut down.

Stargate SG1 0120 2

This episodes ends on a somber note. At long last, the personnel of Stargate Command, who have argued their case so adamantly before now, failed in their attempts to keep the program going. They have argued, yelled, spoken hard truths, and even embarrassed themselves. In the end though, the program is shut down on the eve when humanity needs it the most. One thing is for sure, the producers know how to pull at the heartstrings of their viewers.

Yet the question at the end remains: What is SG-1 going to do now?

Well, we know this. There are a whooping nine more seasons ahead of us at this point. We can guess where this is going to go. SG-1 is going to save the world (again) and the US government is going to go “Oh, well, I guess we do need them after all.” And then the show’s going to get a budget increase or something like that.

This episode’s adorable mascot is Captain Carter because she’s my faves.