If the ancient Egyptian pantheon of gods is real then that must mean other pantheons of gods are real, right? Right.

Spoilers below the cut.

Jackson calls a meeting to propose a new theory, which is that the Viking gods are probably real because of their stories of different worlds and Thor, in particular, being a protector of humanity. He apparently already has coordinates for a new planet to visit with the stargate because the next thing we know, they’re in the stargate chamber waiting for their next adventure. Major General Hammond gives them a box that was carved with the picture of two adults (a man and a woman) and two children with the stargate symbol representing¬†Earth as a backdrop. The box is filled with information about Earth’s culture and is basically saying “We come in peace. Take this box to your leader.”

Stargate SG1 0109 1
No one is clothed because the world leaders of Earth want to meet aliens in the nude.

And so they arrive on Sumeria, not the old nation of yore, but a Viking colony. They’re greeted by a scanner that passes over Captain Carter and Jackson and Colonel O’Neill but lingers on Teal’c. The scan causes Teal’c pain. O’Neill jumps to tackle him away from the beam when, upon contact, Teal’c and O’Neill are transported away.

Captain Carter and Jackson are greeted by Gairwyn, a local leader, who leads them to Kendra who once emerged from the stargate and was taken to where O’Neill and Teal’c were taken and survived. They learn that Kendra used to be possessed by a Goa’uld before a device called Thor’s Hammer killed it and set Kendra free. This gives Jackson hope that there is hope for Shau’re after all. Though reluctant, Kendra decides to lead them to the labyrinth exit.

Meanwhile, O’Neill and Teal’c wake up deep in the labyrinth and come across a recording of Thor who says that the Goa’uld in Teal’c will die if he leaves the labyrinth. They start wandering around and find evidence of a monster that eats people. Then they encounter the monster and Teal’c names it as Unos, which is a myth among the Goa’uld. Since the Goa’uld are parasitic by nature, Unos’s race was the first the Goa’uld would possess before moving onto humans. Teal’c’s staff has no effect on Unos but O’Neill’s guns do so they manage to injure Unos that way.

Stargate SG1 0109 3
No wonder the Goa’uld prefer humans.

However, once Teal’c and O’Neill come across the exit to the labyrinth and the device called Thor’s Hammer, they learn that Unos can heal super fast. Unos attacks them as they try to exit. O’Neill walks through Thor’s Hammer without a hitch but Teal’c is unable to cross. O’Neill pushes him back into the labyrinth where O’Neill and Teal’c trick Unos into Thor’s Hammer. Once the Goa’uld in Unos is dead, the host body, having survived for a thousand years because of the Goa’uld, withers away and die.

At this point, Captain Carter, Jackson, and Kendra emerge from the outside world. Teal’c is willing to stay in the labyrinth and spend the rest of his days there but O’Neill is not. Jackson is for Teal’c In The Cave because it means not destroying the weapon that can save his wife (and others possessed by the Goa’uld). Nonetheless, it’s Jackson that uses Teal’c’s weapon to break Thor’s Hammer so Teal’c can pass.

On their way back home, Kendra gives the SG-1 team a token to remember their planet by. In return, Jackson gives her the box of Earth momentos from the beginning of the episode and says that’s it’s really for the aliens that built the Thor’s Hammer device should they return to Sumeria.

Stargate SG1 0109 5
Come to think of it, maybe killing off the Goa’uld one-by-one would take too long.

This episode solidifies the theme that’s been running throughout the show which is that myths are real and the gods are aliens. I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually come across the ancient Grecian pantheon. I would love to see a pantheon from a non-Western culture but I doubt we’ll meet the likes of Amaterasu (Japan) or Shiva (India) or Buddha (China). It would be awesome, though.

At some point in the episode, Captain Carter sprouts some deep psychologist rhetoric which was perhaps the second instance that referenced Captain Carter having a psychology background (the first being the confrontation scene between her and Jonas in The First Commandment). I don’t remember whether the first episode ever stated which sciences she studied but the most common ones seem to be biology and psychology. Either that or Captain Carter picked up some things from therapy of her own, but this show is a bit too upbeat to give her a dark past.

Finally, we are given the question as to whether the life of a teammate outweighs the lives of an entire planet. Spoiler alert, the single life of a teammate by far outweighs the safety and security of thousands, maybe millions of people. O’Neill did not hesitate to say that Teal’c would be walking out of there with them despite the remarkable advantages of having Thor’s Hammer as a weapon against the Goa’uld. You know, never mind that it can save the wife and brother-in-law of one of your own. Never mind that you can just as easily trick at least one, maybe two, teams of Goa’uld soldiers and Jaffa and kill the Goa’uld in them and then convince them to join your cause.

But nah. Just nah. We have an episodic plotline to worry about and locking Teal’c away in a cave would ruin the formula.

This week’s adorable mascot is telepathic thunder.