I’m taking a break from pop culture to bring you three simple rules to use when causing trouble. To be posted shortly after I go abroad which, for those that might suspect something, actually  means nothing. Please do not search the things I left behind for incriminating evidence. Everything you seek has been burned and buried. I’m not a complete idiot.

(1). Rules are Guidelines
You don’t have to follow all the rules but you should follow the important ones.

(2). No harm, no foul
Who are you harming by breaking this rule? Hurting somebody may get you caught, so avoid it at all costs.

(3). Avoid attention
No one will know you did anything if you blab about it. Keep it to yourself and you’ll get away with it.

As with Rule 1, these are more like general guidelines to follow when rule breaking/cheating/causing trouble. So have fun, and remember Rule 3.