I am leaving for New Zealand soon. This means that I have to finish the knitted blanket I started for my parents last November (I am almost done though!). Since I am mostly packed and only working intensely in the mornings and early afternoons, I am spending a lot of time sitting in front of a television and knitting. Here is what I have been watching in the meantime.

Downton Abbey
The sixth season is airing on Masterpiece Theater on PBS, and Mom recently purchased the Blu-rays of seasons 4 and 5, so my late afternoons and evenings were spent with a cup of cooling tea and rich British people complaining about the changes in their society.

Source: blu-rays


Eureka Seven
Late at night, I have mastered the art of knitting while watching subtitled anime. I have seen five episodes of this show but I do not think I will continue with it. The opening episodes were plot-heavy but then it turned into fluff and I am not amused by fluff in anime. Ah, well.

Source: Netflix

The Flash
Superhero entertainment at its finest. There are some crossovers with Arrow, which I may have gotten more out of if I actually enjoyed Arrow to watch more than the pilot. But The Flash is great. I love the humor and the pseudo-science and the creepy doctor running S.T.A.R. Labs. Highly recommended for a good time.

Source: Netflix

The Expanse
Only a few episodes are out, and this how is mostly background noise, but it is high quality background noise. I am not sure how I will watch when I finally go abroad, but I will find a way. Kiwis pirate stuff from the States all the time, right?

Source: Cable

Soul Eater
The animation is awesome and the art style is crazy and very Halloween. Definitely something that will keep me entertained for a long period of time. Another one of those “magically knits while reading subtitles” shows. Also does not have a lot of fan service (according to what I saw in the first episode), which is always a plus in anime.

Source: Netflix