I am in the throes of NaNoWriMo, so naturally I am catching up on a lot of television.

Granted, I also embarked on a Giant Project that will be a Christmas Present to my parents, so I am also a little side-tracked by that. And both the Giant Project and my NaNo novel require two hands, so it’s not like I can do both at the same time no matter how awesome that would be.

Regardless, these are the shows I am watching as I work on this Giant Project:

Project Runway All-Stars
Hosted by a supermodel that is not Heidi Klum, Project Runway All-Stars takes designers from previous Project Runway seasons and pits them against each other. The stakes are a little higher, the prizes a bit more awesome, and the judges are harsher than normal Project Runway. It is basically Project Runway but with contestants who have done this before. The only thing missing is Heidi’s sense of fun.


Jane the Virgin
Don’t let the title fool you, this show is a self-aware ball of magic gift wrapped in a telenovella. When Jane Villanueva was a little girl, she made a promise to her grandmother to remain a virgin until marriage. Jane had her life on track until she is accidentally inseminated with the sperm of Rafael Solano, the owner of a swank hotel in Miami which is also where Jane works. The sperm was meant for Petra Solano, Rafael’s wife, who may or may not be connected to an organized crime ring from Eastern Europe. Jane’s detective fiance Michael is less than pleased with these turn of events, especially since he is hot on the trail of crime boss Sin Rostro, known on the streets as The Man Without a Face. Meanwhile, Jane’s mother Xiomara is reunited with Jane’s biological father, the telenovella star Rogelio de la Vega. Featuring love affairs, murder, many kissing scenes, a grandmother who doesn’t speak English though she understands it perfectly well, and a narrator with a sense of humor. And this is just the synopsis.

Agent Alex Parrish is wanted for a terrorist attack in New York City. The only problem is she didn’t do it and she has to figure out who did while on the run. Her only clue was that it was someone in her graduating class at Quantico. The action alternates between the present, where Alex is a fugitive of the law, and the past, where Alex is an FBI agent in training. A little tropey and predictable, but a fun watch.

One Punch Man
A hilarious mashup of superheroes and shonen anime. Saitama is a hero who trained so hard is hair fell out, but he is so strong he can defeat a villain with a single punch. This makes battles boring for Saitama, but he can’t just let a murderous villain destroy his city, can he? After witnessing his strength, the cyborg Genos with an agenda of his own asks to be Saitama’s student. Though powerful in his own right, he still has much to learn. Currently airing in Japan with the latest subtitled episodes being released on Hulu.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
A comedy about a police precinct in Brooklyn starring the guy from The Lonely Island and produced by the people who did Parks and Recreation. The humor is sweet and fun without demeaning anyone.

Gargantia on the Verduous Planet
Perhaps the only show on this list available on Netflix. Gargantia is a cute mecha anime where Ensign Ledo of the Human Alliance is thrown into a wormhole and ends up on Earth. With no way to contact home, he starts making a life on Gargantia, a fleet of ships crossing Earth’s endless oceans. The show finds charm in the details, such as the language barrier between Ledo and people of Gargantia and the obvious Studio Ghibli-influence with Ami and her friends.


Wow, you might say, that’s a lot of television shows.

Yep, I reply.