I write this right after I wrote the last episode. Instead of writing as I watch, I decided to watch the whole thing and write my thoughts afterward. Except there are so many characters I can’t write each storyline as it develops, so I’m going to take this one character at a time.

I’ll start with Alex Parrish, of course, because why not? Hers is the story we’re all following here. In the present, she and Simon escape one situation into another. Simon has a connection with a man who does not speaks English but makes bombs, and that is where we discover the wire Alex found at the crime scene in her apartment was made by Shelby Wyatt, her Quantico roommate and bff. Though they’re apparently no longer bffs. Alex breaks into Shelby’s house in New York (with comments that Shelby’s so rich she can have houses everywhere); she and Simon search her things for evidence. Shelby has apparently been out of the country and of course returns home to Alex and Simon in her things. She pulls a gun on them so Alex pulls a gun. There’s a lot of shouting until Bluth comes in to inform everyone the FBI is on their way. We know Bluth and Alex are working together and we know Simon is working for someone but his loyalties are very unclear. And Shelby totally thinks Alex is behind it, hence the gun and the shouting. In the end, Alex takes Shelby as her new hostage, evades some agents sneaking through the house, and sneaks the two of them back inside for a hostage situation that will continue next episode.

In Quantico, Alex struggles with the knowledge that her father was a decorated FBI Agent and a hero and wrestles with the fact that she shot an American hero, never mind is blatant alcoholism and domestic abuse. This is the least believable I’ve seen Alex, and I didn’t like her losing focus and getting reckless as events unfolded. But she got back on track when Miranda calls her in and they have their own talk which reaffirms the reason Alex is at Quantico in the first place. Pair this with Alex amending her friendship with Shelby and it looks like things are going great. Until sometime after graduation, that is. I’m not sure if Alex and Shelby had a fallout, but it must have been juicy!

Simon, meanwhile, remains that in-between character. We don’t know his motivations, but we know pieces of his story, and we know that the analyst with a crush on him realizes that he is hiding something and is getting closer and closer to finding out what it is. He even goes so far as to ask whether Simon is really gay. (Simon said no but his boyfriend is, which I think said a lot). Simon is the most interesting character in my book. We don’t know anything about him which makes him the most unpredictable.

Then there’s Bluth. He’s fully supporting Alex and Natalie, my eventual Anti-Hero, suspects his loyalties. By the end of the episode, Bluth is in cahoots with Simon, though I am not sure if that is a real good idea. When the episode ends, they’re collaborating, and Natalie is secretly onto them. Their next challenge will be telling Alex that the order on her head is to shoot to kill.

Bluth at Quantico, however, decides to go against his orders. The Class Director wants Alex out of the program and so has Bluth push her to be reckless in hostage training exercises. The point is to push her so hard she quits on her own. But then Bluth talks to Miranda to organize that heart-to-heart and Alex decides to stay at the Academy.

So Bluth and Alex are totes gonna be a thing. I heard mention of love in at least one episode previous to this. But then Bluth apparently was a thing with Natalie too at some point. Which means there is drama to be explored (bring it on, yo).

Shelby’s arc in Quantico is her being hurt that Alex didn’t open up to her about her father, at least all the way. While standing around in class, Bluth slips that Alex killed her father (because he thought she knew) and Shelby feels betrayed that Alex didn’t tell her this herself. Later on, after Alex’s pep talk by Miranda, Shelby invites her to a game of Two Truths and a Lie. Shelby starts and finally admits that the mysterious person she calls every night is her half-sister who she didn’t know until after her parents died. This does not account for the money she is seen transferring last episode nor the fact that all her phone calls are from unknown numbers. But it is a good enough excuse to get Alex’s sympathy.

Breaking away from Alex, we get to perhaps my favorite character(s), the twins. I know I said last time that the Nimeh who wanted to be here was left behind to fend for herself, but I don’t think that was the case. Miranda hunts down the Nimeh that ran away and tells her why she recruited them to act like one person in the first place. We also get the story of Miranda’s son so buckle up.

Miranda’s son was recruited by a terrorist cell that spoke to him on some level. His mother didn’t know who he was talking to online, but she was worried. Eventually, she learned that these people were terrorists and they wanted her son, who attends school with the sons and daughters of Congressmen, to make a bomb and blow it up during school. She turns him in, and apparently does not feel much guilt about it. When she says he is up for parole soon, she hopes that he doesn’t get it. What’s more, these cells of terrorists have been appearing all over America. That’s why Miranda wanted two people to pass as one: to hunt down these terrorists.

Though the show will have to further explain that reasoning to me. I can brainstorm the advantages of having two people with the same name and face going around on the same mission, but I want to see a practical application of it. And I don’t understand why you would recruit a set of twins and not tell them why they are recruited in the first place. Is it so they get a more well-rounded training experience rather than focus on certain areas that would help catch the bad guys?

What else? I believe I got everything. This episode ends with Shelby handcuffed to her own railing with Alex kneeling over her, demanding answers as to why her company is helping make bombs for terrorists. And though Shelby refuses to answer, Alex can hang around all day if she has to.