Sorry I slipped on these. Five episodes are already out and here I am, slacking along because this blog takes second place to life. I won’t go into details about my life, but I will say I will be switching things up a bit here. Instead of giving a blow-by-blow of events, I am going to add my commentary on major plot points as they happen.

The recap focuses on Bluth’s agreement to be Alex’s man on the inside and Alex’s quest to learn more about her father’s involvement in the FBI. The episode starts with FBI agents raiding the home of Alex’s mother, who is woken by an FBI agent busting through her bedroom. This is a level of unbelievability to me because I would think you would wake up to the sound of footsteps in your house. A single person can probably sneak up on you, but a big team of people with equipment and guns? Side eye.

In the present day, the class director gets his hands tied by a dead end on new information. Alex, the top of her class, is too good for everyone, and the FBI has the press on their asses for new information. The bombing is being billed as The Next 9/11 so far, so of course everyone is panicking and such. Still no word on civilian casualties if there were any.

Back in Quantico, the recruits have a water exercise. They are paired up then their hands are tied together behind their backs and they have to escape while treading in the pool. Alex and Shelby break out easily. Natalie and Nimeh are paired, and Natalie easily weasles out while Nimeh struggles. The point of the exercise is to work together, and Natalie doesn’t play well with others. Maybe that’s why she’s only second best? Meanwhile, Simon’s admirer is still walking around and that makes Simon nervous.

The rest of this week’s lesson at Quantico will feature the recruits psychoanalyzing themselves. When dealing with a case, the evidence will tell you how but the psychology will tell you why.

In the present day, Bluth returns to the bombing command center to applause, and the actual FBI Director puts pressure on the class director to find Alex. But Alex swam upriver to the house of Simon, now formerly of the FBI. She asks him to analyze some evidence she got from the crime scene at her old apartment in New York. We learn that Simon got kicked out of Quantico, and although Alex doesn’t trust him, she has no choice but to rely on him.

Which is weird because they work really well together. As soon as Alex explains her situation, Simon is fully on board. He sneaks her into his office and they start going to town analyzing whatever they can. Simon lifts a print and finds a match faster than should be allowed. Except Alex mentions that she got a scar on her finger during training, and that is no where on the fingerprint used.

Meanwhile, Alex’s mom apparently knows the Class Director but doesn’t know how she can help. They review the lies that Alex told her and even the lies of the fateful night Alex shot her father. Apparently the Class Director was nearby on that fateful night, and the mention of that finishes their discussion.

Back at Quantico, the Vice Director posts everyone’s psychological profiles so everyone knows what the other thinks. And this stirs the coals because apparently everyone has not-very-nice things to say about each other in very direct (and mean sounding) language. So now everyone is at each other’s throats and they take it out through kickboxing the next morning.

To make matters worse, at least for Nimeh, she got a black eye. How are the twins going to pull that off? (dun dun dun) Apparently only one of the twins wants to be at the academy, and the better one hopes they quit.

Outside, Simon and Bluth have a very vocal go at each other and it ends with Simon’s hand at Bluth’s throat against a wall. Alex steps in to break it up and announce to everyone that their turning on each other is exactly what the VD wants. So Simon goes to the VD herself and hands her a piece of paper, supposedly with names of people on them. She asks if he’s covering for himself, and he says it is for the greater good.

Back in the present, security alarms go off at the tech firm Simon works at, and Alex pulls her gun on Simon. The command center is ecstatic because they have Alex, but Simon assures Alex that he has a plan to get her out. She has no choice but to trust him even though she very much does not want to.

This is about the time I learn the Vice Director is named Miranda.

Turns out, at Quantico, the whole thing was a test. In all their years of doing that exercise, no one voted people out of the program. Simon was the first, and for that, he earned a formal reprimand for turning on his people.

I stand by Simon, personally. Or at least some recruits should have seen through Miranda’s facade about the whole thing.

In the present, Miranda notices Alex’s mom being escorted to the bathroom and uses semi-clever tactics to get alone in the bathroom with her. She begs Mrs. Parrish to not turn on Alex, then allows the agents to enter the bathroom and take her away. But not before Mrs. Parrish recognizes Miranda as the agent with a Son that Did a Thing.

Relationships are amended at Quantico. Alex and Shelby amend their relationship with a nice heart-to-heart. Bluth and Simon amend their relationship too. And Nimeh confronts Natalie.

For the record, I call Natalie as the villain that eventually turns good. I really really hope she gets better character development.

Alex finally reads her father’s file and learns that he was a hero. She cries into Bluth’s shoulder because he was not the monster that he presented at home.

In the end, Mrs. Parrish betrays her daughter (with the news that she spent ten years in India with her maternal family and only nine of them are accounted for). Natalie apparently has a daughter and a super rough relationship with the man who is apparently the father of her child. The Better Nimeh runs away. Miranda visits her son in jail and she was the one who put him there.

But the biggest twist is Agent Asher is still active and the Director himself is the one behind it.